Miley Cyrus Covers ‘V’ Magazine’s Fall Rebel Issue, Appears Nude In Photos By Karl Lagerfeld

The fall “Rebel” issue of fashion glossy V won’t hit newsstands until September 10, but Miley Cyrus is already teasing her Karl Lagerfeld cover shoot for the publication on Instagram — with a nude photo, naturally. A forum member named Dieselmax on the site The Fashion Spot posted a snapshot of V‘s upcoming cover featuring Miley, where she’s posing in what looks like a revealing, blue plush swimsuit number while laying on a pile of stuffed animals.

The image Cyrus posted on Instagram (see it below) has her ditching the outfit in lieu of her birthday suit. Come on — you knew she couldn’t keep her clothes on for long.

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  • mileyy

    Miley is just puppet. She is controlled by egomaniac designer Marc Jacobs. He supports her and got her this cover. Jacobs is the Manipulator of the century, he is responsible for Miley’s shocking new image. Read more at:

  • Reymon

    Desperately seeking Madonna., or should I say channeling the Dark Horse.Sorry but Lady Gaga already did that.
    I don´t hate her, It´s just my opinión.

  • Bonzo

    To mileyy-
    You “sound” like some Russian ‘spy commentator’ :
    Miley is just puppet, controlled by egomaniac clothing “designer” Marco Jacobinski, known for to selling black market ‘spike’ heeled shoes, or “STILETTO’S” as they are known in seamier side of willage. My superiors say he is in “cahoots” – an American term – vith international shoe terrorists, Prada-Choo (…gezundheit)! These shoes are documented to have slain many great men AND vomen the vorld ower – some just by looking at them!! Many wictims vere killed in bed._(insert your comment here)_. Huh! Go figure.
    If you see Ms. Cyrus valking in mall or on sidevalk, or in elewator in posh hotel……look avay IMMEDIATELY….and for GOD’s sake – do not… look… ..DOWN!! She may be vearing “STILETTO’S” and you vill be lost – unable to resist the seductiwity of the two! Daswidania my brothers….and…sister’s.