Marina And The Diamonds Cancelled Her Own Show To Meet Britney Spears At ‘Piece Of Me’: See The Cute Photo

Marina And The Diamonds At Coachella 2015
Marina And The Diamonds turned the main stage at Coachella into a giant FROOT bowl!

Talk about a dream within a dream!

Last night, Marina And The Diamonds — winner of our Best Album Of Winter ’15 poll with FROOT! — got to check another goal off of her bucket list by meeting her fave, Miss Britney Spears.

The “Forget” singer-songwriter has always been vocal about her love for Brit Brit, and she certainly seemed ecstatic to attend B’s Piece Of Me residency in Las Vegas last night. In fact, in an interview with Lucky Shops, she admitted that she cancelled one of her own shows just to attend:

Ah! You’re a big Britney fan?

Oh, yes. I’m seeing her on Wednesday in Vegas! I actually canceled a show of my own to go. I told my agent, ‘Listen, I’m doing Vegas on Monday and I see that Britney’s performing on Wednesday, so that’s got to happen.’ With Vegas, I have no real interest in the gambling scene or anything—I’m just there for Britney.

But not only did Marina get to attend, she even got to meet B during a Meet & Greet session before the show. “I met my teen idol, Britney!” she fangirled on Twitter, alongside their super cute photo together. These two Pretty Girls make a pretty cute pairing. We’re crossing our fingers now and hoping this meeting might even result in some musical magic down the line. Hey, we can dream too!

Congratulations, Marina!