10 Flop Star Divas Time Forgot (But We Never Will): Volume II

You may not know their names anymore, or remember to tip them when they serve you at Pizza Hut nowadays, but we won’t ever forget pop’s minor divas and dudes! Yes, these ladies had a flash-in-the-pan fierceness that only lit up the outer reaches of the charts — or, if they were lucky, the upper reaches only briefly. In our hearts, though, they’ll always be superstars.

Let’s hear it for the flops once more!

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10. Nivea

Debut album: Nivea (2001)Best Single: “Don’t Mess With My Man”Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 8Her Secret Weapon: Posh Spice’s weave.Her Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “RIP Nivea career. you will be dearly missed.”

9. Jennifer Paige

Debut album: Jennifer Paige (1998)Best Single: “Crush”Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 3Her Secret Weapon: Vanilla skies, white picket fences in your eyes and constant background moaning.Her Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “I just learned that the guy that wrote this song also wrote the theme songs to Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers. Seriously.”

8. Kina

Debut album: Kina (2000)Best Single: “Girl From The Gutter”Billboard Hot 100 Peak: n/aHer Secret Weapon: Apparently magazine superstardom in Hell.Her Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “Girl Sing That Song!!! If that doesnt give you chills ya dead!”