OneRepublic’s New Single “Wherever I Go” Officially Announced, Out This Week

UPDATE: The song is out! Give it a listen here.

“Wherever I Go,” OneRepublic‘s lead single off the band’s upcoming fourth album, will be released on the questionably lucky date of Friday, May 13. And if you head to the quintet’s official site, you can see what that whole mysterious postcard campaign we mentioned last week was about.

Frontman Ryan Tedder explained the vibe of the song in a new interview with Wonderland: “I think it’s gonna be shocking, kind of the first response anyone has is their eyes are kind of spread open like ‘Oh my god’. It’s not indicative of the entire album but it’s kind of like if you go have dinner, you don’t order steak for an appetizer and steak for dinner, you split it up, and you have different things, so the first single is – it’s definitely an appetizer, I think it’s the best appetizer we could come up with.”

We’ve had an early listen to “Wherever I Go” and can concur that it doesn’t quite fit into the pop mold you’ve gotten used to from OneRepublic with songs like “Apologize,” “Good Life” and “Counting Stars.” The first word that comes into mind while listening is “dramatic.” And then, right when the song builds up to its booming climax, it ends. (“Wherever I Go” has a run time of just under three minutes.)

In the making … #WhereverIGo

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Summing it up: Expect lots of drama in a short time frame. And that’s all we’ll say for now.

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