Must-Hear: Filous’ “Knots” Is A Light & Airy Bop

Selena's 'Same Old Love' (Filous Remix)
Selena Gomez's 'Same Old Love' gets a gloomy filous remix.

Austrian producer filous has carved out a niche as a purveyor of soft and dreamy electro-lullabies. The 20-year-old, who deftly combines real instruments with synths, wakes from his slumber on “Knots.” Featuring newcomer Klei, the latest taste of his For Love EP is a light and airy bop with an instantly catchy chorus. “You got me in knots,” the featured vocalist coos on the chorus, “all I really want is no strings attached, but I know that I’ll never get it back.”

filous — it’s French for rascal — first made waves with viral hit “How Hard I Try” and a remix of James Hersey’s “Coming Over.” He played most of the instruments on those tracks, having learned how to play the bass, guitar and piano from YouTube tutorials. He didn’t stop there, however. The former child prodigy can also play the harmonica, accordion and the didgeridoo. It’s that musicality that sets his music apart and makes “Knots” such a refreshing listen. Listen to the mellow bop below.

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