Kelly Clarkson Covers Prince’s “Kiss” For Spotify Sessions

Kelly's 'Meaning Of Life:' Album Review
Kelly Clarkson is reborn over soulful riffs on her 8th album, 'Meaning Of Life.'

Kelly Clarkson’s promo push for 8th LP, Meaning Of Life, continues with a pair of Spotify singles. She recorded live performances of “Love So Soft” (it sounds every bit as good as you would expect) and a cover of Prince’s “Kiss” at the streaming giant’s New York City studio. The latter is a perfect addition to the 35-year-old’s soulful, new era. Kelly revels in the funk-heavy arrangement, pulling the vocal trigger every now and again without over-singing. (Other big-lunged divas take note).

She also leaves the sexy lyrics as they are, which gives the whole thing a pleasing sapphic twist! Meaning Of Life is shaping up to be a game-changing era for the original American Idol. Kelly is coming into her own as an artist as she dives deep into soul and R&B. Happily, fans are coming along for the journey. The album debuts at number two on the Billboard 200 this week, while “Love So Soft” slowly creeps up the Billboard Hot 100. It reaches a new peak of number 45. Listen to Kelly’s new live tracks below.

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