From “Jenny From The Block” To “Get Right,” Jennifer Lopez’s 20 Best Videos

Jennifer Lopez has landed some serious hits over the course of her nearly 20-year-long career. And every time she climbs the charts, she does so with the support of a must-see video. She has donned countless glamorous looks and lit the dance floor up with some of the most enviable choreography. The “Dinero” siren has celebrated the dawn of a new year, danced away heartache, tried out a career as a cam girl (ahead of the times, I might add) and pulled off some dramatic acting roles. In honor of the 49-year-old being selected as the recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2018 MTV VMAs, we decided to revisit some of her most enduring releases.

We’ve compiled a list of J.Lo’s 20 best music videos below. Take a look and let us know if you agree with our ranking.

20. “Dance Again” – 2012

Boasting glitz, glamor and more than a little bit of choreography, this is one of J.Lo’s most unforgettable.

19. “Amor Amor Amor” – 2017

What better use for an abandoned train station than for hosting an epic dance battle? We should have known those neon lights would come in handy for something.

18. “Me Haces Falta” – 2007

Highlighting her acting chops in the dark visual, the hitmaker played an undercover FBI agent who gave up her lover to the law.

17. “Papi” – 2011

With one small bite of a cookie, the pop seductress becomes utterly irresistible to the male population. So she dances her way through a horde of men hungry for a chance to capture her attention. You cannot make this up, and it cannot get better.

16. “All I Have” – 2002

A winter wonderland has never been so heartbreaking.

15. “Play” – 2001

The early millennium was all about special effects and futuristic looking tech, as evidenced by this campy delight.

14. “Ain’t Your Mama” – 2016

I never knew I needed to see J.Lo as a ‘50s housewife (or any of the other roles she played) until this dropped.

13. “Booty” – 2014

The scintillating pop divas went massively viral by showing off their big, big booties in their NSFL video. It is truly essential viewing.

12. “I’m Real (Remix)” – 2001

No one can pull off a pink velour tracksuit quite like this pop princess.

11. “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” – 2000

Because Jennifer Lopez’s love is worth way more than some silly bracelet, and she demands respect from her boo.

10. “I’m Into You” – 2011

Seducing a lover in the middle of a tropical paradise, Lopez is more captivating than any of the scenery (which is admittedly also gorgeous).

9. “El Anillo” – 2018

Draping herself in diamonds, the pop goddess literally stuns in one of her most visually arresting moments.

8. “I Luh Ya Papi” – 2014

Flipping the script on typical video vixens, J.Lo flaunts her luxurious lifestyle and the bodies of a group of men in her tongue-in-cheek must-see.

7. “Waiting For Tonight” – 1999

Partying in the rainforest with a pop diva is certainly the best way to celebrate any New Year’s Eve let alone Y2K.

6. “On The Floor” – 2011

Unsurprisingly, the icon’s biggest collaboration with Pitbull was a dance-heavy event. In the video, she conquers the club and serves endlessly fierce looks.

5. “If You Had My Love” – 1999

The queen of the internet acts as the original cam girl in her voyeuristic video. It came years before Chat Roulette and also acts as a sort of commentary on the privacy the hitmaker gave up as she moved into the public eye.

4. “Get Right” – 2004

J.Lo hits the club and plays multiple characters in one of her most involved videos to date. Featuring intricate choreography and a handful of dramatic plots, it is engaging from start to finish.

3. “Qué Hiciste” – 2007

After driving across the desert, the siren stops at a gas station, changes her outfit and dyes her hair. She then proceeds to light her car on fire and dance in the flames. This is pretty much the definition of iconic.

2. “I’m Glad” – 2003

It is hard to imagine a pop star in 2018 pulling off the choreography to Flashdance quite as flawlessly as J.Lo does here.

1. “Jenny From The Block” – 2002

No video meant to highlight how relatable a pop star is has ever been quite so glamorous. Jennifer Lopez’s defining visual highlights both sides of her life and hints at the struggles of being in the public eye.

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