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Neon Hitch Celebrates Her Independence In Colorful “Yard Sale” Video: Watch

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.47.49 PM
Neon Reloaded
Last week, gypsy-pop princess Neon Hitch let us know she was having a “Yard Sale.” And, judging by the newly released music video, she wasn’t kidding: She’s quite literally having a yard sale.

That’s right: The Eleutheromaniac diva’s cleaning up shop and ditching all of her old trinkets and memories, and she’s enlisted a bunch of her pals to help pack it all up, tape it down and, when all else fails, toss s–t right out the window.

The colorful trailer park romp sees the diva taking out the trash (in the form of an un undesirable, duct taped dude), breaking it down on the street with her neighbors, swinging from a swing made of recyclables and luxuriously floating across a trash-strewn pool while getting coated in colorful dyes, Color Run style. Hell, there’s even some choreography! I don’t remember yard sales ever being this much fun. Clearly, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

If there was any question whether or not Neon’s newly independent status as a pop starlet were a cause for celebration, this should put an end to that doubt. Dive in up top, and let us know what you think the comments below. More »

Neon Hitch Cleans Out Her Closet With “Yard Sale”: Listen

She's Having A Yard Sale!
Neon Hitch! It’s a name we haven’t heard for a minute, but one we’re more than happy to see appear on our radar once again.

As the “Get Over U” fiery gypsy-pop princess has continued to evolve as an artist, the singer’s released a smattering of tunes over the past year, including her gorgeous cover of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” last year and her electronic take on Marilyn Monroe‘s classic “Some Like It Hot” with Kinetics.

Now, Neon’s cleaning out her closet and getting rid of all her old junk — and what better way to do it than a yard sale?

“Yard Sale” is Neon’s very solid return to form, dedicated to “leaving the past behind and letting go of the stuff you don’t need – literally and emotionally.” The song sees Neon cathartically crooning on top of a stomping (sort of pirate-y?) electronic pulse. “I’m having a yard sale, giving away all the things I used to call my own/I’m having a yard sale, giving away all the memories that used to feel like home,” she happily declares across the chorus.

The track is just as Top 40 radio-friendly as anything she’s ever done — she’s always been a fantastic pop songwriter, after all! — and it’s nice to hear the girl getting it together and tossing out the trash she doesn’t need anymore before the release of her long delayed, much anticipated debut, Eleutheromaniac.

Listen to “Yard Sale” after the jump, and let us know what you think of Neon’s return in the comments below. More »

KIIS Jingle Ball 2013 Rolls Into Los Angeles: Tears, Audio Issues & Great Entertainment

The KIIS Jingle Ball rolled into Los Angeles last night (December 6) and the who’s who of the pop world turned up to entertain the sold-out crowd at Staples Center. It’s a genius format. Each act performs between two and six songs, so the emphasis is on big hits and grand gestures. Think 11 encores in a row from an oddball mix of superstars.

While the event flowed smoothly and delivered no shortage of highlights, it also had a couple of dramatic moments due to audio issues and a very public meltdown from one diva having an awful day at the office. The thing is — those blips just upped the entertainment level. In addition to great music, fans also had something to talk about between performers. But more about that later.

An out of place Travie McCoy kicked off Jingle Ball 2013 with a bunch of relatively stale hits, while an unexpected cameo from Neon Hitch just left people confused. Next up was Danish indie-pop band New Politics, who impressed with an electric live set built around breakthrough hit “Harlem”. More »

Neon Hitch Returns With A Lo-Fi Cover Of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”: Listen

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from “Fuck U Betta” songstress Neon Hitch but she makes a welcome return with a cover of Miley Cyrus“We Can’t Stop” — no less! Her take on the modern classic? The 27-year-old opts for horns over hip-hop beats in a lush, lo-fi interpretation.

Ms. Hitch even plays around with the lyrics to make the song more personal, which is one of the reasons it sounds so peculiarly authentic to her. And let’s be honest, I’ve missed those helium-vocals! Listen to the underrated diva’s engaging Miley cover after the jump. More »

Neon Hitch Performs “Gold” On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Neon Hitch Gold Late Night Jimmy Fallon August 2012
Neon Hitch Shines Like A Precious Metal
After we premiered the single cover and song lyrics for Neon Hitch‘s new single “Gold” earlier this week, the British songstress hit up Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to give her first performance of the Bruno Mars co-write. Appropriately, Neon and her dancers were glowing (literally) as they proceeded to bump and grind around on stage in outfits and body paint that looked like a cross between computer circuit boards and tribal garb. The glow-in-the-dark aspect had shades of Ke$ha. The moves were a bit Kylie. But the red-headed sass was all Neon Hitch. Watch above!

Neon Hitch “Gold” Single Cover Art & Lyrics: Idolator Premiere

We know, we know — you’ve been waiting for the release of Beg, Borrow And Steal for eons, Neon Hitch fans. The good news is that the saucy singer’s debut LP gets a little bit closer via the release of her new single “Gold”, the cover art and lyrics for which we’re premiering right here! You may have read that Neon co-wrote a track with one-man hit machine Bruno Mars for her upcoming album. This is the one. The tune also features an over the top rap by “Rack City” MC Tyga.

“I can’t wait for you guys to hear my single Gold,” Neon Hitch tells Idolator. “It’s a psychedelic love story about a beautiful lover I found being the light that brought me out of a dark space. And the wonderful Bruno Mars is a co-writer!”

Brush up on the lyrics below ahead of Neon Hitch’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performance of “Gold” on August 16. More »

Demi Lovato Does L.A.’s Greek Theatre With A Little Help From Her Friends

“I cannot wait to play the Greek in LA!!!,” Demi Lovato tweeted in anticipation of her show at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre on Wednesday night (July 18). The X Factor judge shared a bill with Owl City and Neon Hitch, but she also brought a few surprise guests on stage for her lucky Lovatics. First was a duet with Nick Jonas on “Don’t Forget” (which he co-wrote with the pop star) and “Catch Me”. Next the Unbroken singer announced, “I have someone very, very close to my heart… She’s very nervous because this is only her second time singing this song,” Demi said as she lovingly introduced her little sister Maddy before the two performed an adorable rendition of “Together”.


Gym Class Heroes Go ‘Unplugged’ With Patrick Stump And Neon Hitch: Watch Their Performances

patrick stump gym class heroes unplugged
It's Like Warped Tour Up In Here!
Gym Class HeroesVH1 Unplugged premiered online last night, and as it turns out, the New York-based group’s songs don’t sound all that different when played acoustically. If anything, stripping down their tunes helped bring the focus on frontman Travie McCoy‘s gift for storytelling.

GCH’s friend and collaborator Patrick Stump played soloist for the evening, filling in for Bruno Mars on “Billionaire”, Ryan Tedder on “The Fighter” and Adam Levine on “Stereo Hearts” (an ironic song to play unplugged). Flame-haired vixen Neon Hitch also showed up to lend her voice to The Papercut Chronicles II single “Ass Back Home”. Watch all the performances below. More »

The Werewolves Of Pop: 10 Music Videos To Make You Hungry Like The Wolf

MTV 'Teen Wolf' Season 2 Trailer
Pop stars live in fantasy worlds of million-dollar mansions, glamorous red carpets and weeks-long vacations in the world’s most beautiful locales. So it’s no wonder that when it comes to writing songs and shooting music videos, artists often look past the quotidien details of everyday and instead dip into the worlds of myth and fantasy for inspiration. Kanye West unleashed a “Monster” in his controversial My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track; Katy Perry and Lady Gaga got intergalactic in their video treatments for “E.T.” and “Born This Way”, respectively; and pretty much every diva ever has donned a pair of mermaid fins at one point or another in her career.

With Season 2 of Teen Wolf on tonight (Jun. 4) at 10/9c on MTV, we couldn’t help but think back on all the times bad dogs, big bad wolves and the people who transmute into them have appeared in our favorite pop music videos and songs. Head below for 10 hairy clips to sink your fangs into — Duran Duran included, obviously. More »

Neon Hitch Goes Bold At E! Upfronts

Neon Hitch was hard to miss at E! Television’s 2012 Upfronts at New York City’s Gotham Hall on Monday (Apr. 30). From her large red mane to her curve-hugging black and gold gown, the recent Voice performer was no doubt turning heads on the red carpet. Check out the “F*ck U Betta” siren as she poses for the cameras and tell us below (or on Facebook and Twitter) if you think anyone could have worn her dress betta, er, better.