Blog 27: Poland’s Most Controversial Teen-Pop <strike>Duo</strike> Act

noah | November 2, 2006 5:35 am

While looking for funny pictures of Brandon Flowers from yesterday’s MTV Europe Music Awards, we kept running across shots of a young lady whose name, apparently, was “Blog 27.” Research–occasioned by the fact that we couldn’t believe that anyone would already be named “blog”–revealed that Blog 27 was actually the name of the Polish Best Act winner. Alas, its stardom seems to be fraught with backbiting and Internet name-calling; its Wikipedia page tells tales of angry blog posts, allegedly faked Japanese pop-chart positions, an album called LOL, and a “huge scandal across Poland” that led to the departure of one of its singers. (The remaining vocalist, 13-year-old Tola Klara Szlagowska, is the girl who keeps turning up on Getty.) We can’t figure out which MySpace page is really theirs, but we’ll go with this not-real one for two reasons: 1) “I Still Don’t Know Ya,” the profile’s lead song, is extremely catchy, even if the “download” link doesn’t work; and 2) loading the page only crashed the Idolator computer once.

Blog 27 [MySpace (unofficial)]Blog 27 [Wikipedia] [Photo: Getty Images]

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