My Favorite Songs Of The First Half Of 2008 (As Of Right Now)

noah | June 30, 2008 12:00 pm

Midnight tonight isn’t the exact midway point of this year, but hey, it’s the last day of its sixth month, which is close enough for roadwork. Or, er, listwork, that is: After the jump, I give you the seven songs that I would be more likely to put on a mix CD than any other, in YouTube/blurb form. Think of it as a post for me and my creaky, prone-to-forgetting-stuff brain to come back to when the year-end listmaking craze hits in a couple of months and an invitation for you to engage in similar Monday afternoon quantifying!

1. Ida Maria, “Oh My God”

Twitchy and bewitching, this song has stuck with me since I was first introduced to it in March in the type of way that results in me still drumming along with it after all these months.

2. Lloyd, “All Around The World (ft. Lil Wayne)”

Over the weekend, I realized that Lloyd’s album is my most anticipated record of the year (well, not including Chinese Democracy, but at this point I think that record is in its own category). If it’s half as good as this song is, the excitement will have been worth it.

3. Estelle, “American Boy”

I’ve gone on about this track (and its attendant album) quite a bit, so instead I’ll just alert you to the fact that it now has Jay-Z’s blessing (via Vulture):

4. Headlights, “Cherry Tulips”

The most instantly hummable chorus of the year. Maybe of the past two?

5. M83, “Graveyard Girl”

This and the Headlights song back-to-back on my list: A crystal-clear sign that I listened to a lot of WLIR/WDRE back in the day.

6. R.E.M., “Mr. Richards”

Yes, I do miss the ’90s. Why do you ask?

7. Cherish, “Killa (ft. Yung Joc)”

This Atlanta R & B group has a knack for making semi-anonymous radio hits that get played often enough for me to vaguely remember their hooks and Google the lyrics during a down moment on the job. (See also.) This track from Step Up 2 The Streets crept into my consciousness so slowly, I thought it was Danity Kane for the first month or so that I was aware of it.