Whatcha Say: Justin Bieber’s Breakdown Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | March 8, 2013 5:30 pm

Well, it wasn’t the most peaceful week in pop: Justin Bieber‘s trip to London went sour—from delayed concerts, to brief hospitalizations (not without a chic bedside shirtless selfie!), and even a nasty spat with a paparazzo. Chris Brown (unshockingly) followed suit with his own drama, childishly battling it out with a parking valet and reigniting his beef with Drake. Meanwhile, RiRi rih-hearsed for her upcoming Diamonds Tour, Miley made a weird appearance in a Tiffany Foxx and Lil Kim video, and Taylor Swift worried that she was becoming too annoying. Needless to say, you guys kind of had a field day all around.

:: When it came down to Bieber’s breakdown, Pamcakes offered up a wag of the finger on Justin Bieber Hospitalized After Collapsing At London Concert, Posts Shirtless Instagram Update: “I think he is truly exhausted. not just from work, maybe his young ass should be in bed at a decent hour off the drugs and alcohol and partying… he is making stupid choices in the name of FUN!”

:: Then, when he decided to take a shirtless selfie post-hospitalization while listening to some “Janice Joplin,” Vitaamine Clem was quick to throw some spelling shade on Facebook: “So Janis Joplin had a sister we didnt know of? Interesting.”

:: The Bieber drama didn’t stop there, either: When the “Boyfriend” crooner blew up at a paparazzo in London, Oscar Martinez was quick to draw comparisons on Facebook: “Quick someone give him a hair clipper and an umbrella…do the Britney!”

:: While Ashley Medeiros offered up a possible explanation for all this London madness: “Puberty.”

:: fatal didn’t get too smiley about Miss Miley’s cameo in the new Tiffany Foxx video on Miley Cyrus Makes A Cameo In Tiffany Foxx & Lil Kim’s Sexy “Twisted” Video: Watch: “It isn’t cool-and neither is the Smelly Circus destined to be yesterday’s poptard disney cast off-they look like a pack of ridiculous posers.”

:: Jile was #unapologetically #unimpressed with Ri’s rih-hearsal footage on Watch Rihanna Rehearse For Her Diamonds Tour: “Rubs her crotch, in a non-MJ sorta way. Shakes her hips/butt and then proceeds to touch her chest. Yep, all the same crap. I’ll reserve further judgement, but with these recent vocal performances, I expected a different sorta performer out of Ri.”

:: Jay was feeling less than sympathetic towards T. Swift on Taylor Swift Covers ‘InStyle’ UK, Worries About Becoming “Awful,” “Intolerable” & “Alone”: “Well, she’s certainly almost there.”

:: And when the reliably hot-headed Chris Brown blew up at a valet to prove how grown he is, Erie Reynolds came up with an awesome new way to describe his outbursts: “Chrissy fit.”