Beware Of The Pop Star: 5 Cases Of Crowd Interaction Gone Wrong

Mike Wass | August 7, 2013 5:49 pm

It’s not easy being a fan sometimes. Take wheelchair-bound Ian McAdam. The EDM-lover was happily head-banging with his bros at last weekend’s Veld Music Festival in Toronto when DJ Steve Aoki hurled a birthday cake into the crowd. Unfortunately, it landed on the poor guy’s head!

The party animal was unharmed but the freak incident was captured on film and has since become an internet sensation. Ian has to live with being the guy that got frosted by a hirsute electro-wizard for the rest of his life! It might be some consolation that he’s not alone. Jump below for five victims of concert-going.

5 Things Pop Stars Should Not Do At Concerts

1. Hurl Baked Goods — Attention Steve Aoki

The aforementioned Ian McAdam’s tale of woe is proof that artists should use a bin when disposing of excess food instead of taking aim at fans. On the other hand, the party legend did get to meet Steve after the show, so being pelted with birthday cake has its advantages.

2. Channel Jesus Through Your Iconic Hand — Attention Beyonce

Touching fans is usually a cute way to interact with fans but when you’re Beyonce you need to take precautions. Being touched by Beysus for longer than five seconds is a bonafide religious experience, capable of driving disciples into a frenzy or leaving them unconscious on the floor. That’s what happened when Antoine Rouse caught the holy spirit at a concert in Nashville.

3. Seek Revenge On Bottle Throwers — Attention Akon

In 2007 Akon showed how not to deal with hecklers by demanding security bring a 15-year-old bottle-thrower on stage. That’s humiliating enough but the MC took things to the next level by putting the teen over his shoulders and throwing him into the crowd. Not a good look for either of them.

4. Practice Martial Arts On Stage — Attention Miguel

Dropkicks are best left to the martial arts studio. A lesson that Miguel famously illustrated at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards when he channelled Bruce Lee and leapt across stage — feet first. It looked cool but he almost decapitated a fan. Not only did that poor girl go home with a hell of a headache, the rising R&B singer also faces a lawsuit. Get money, dropkick victim!

5. Use Your Microphone As A Weapon — Attention Rihanna

Millions of little girls (and boys) dream of having fans scream their name and reach out to touch them at concerts. It’s one of the best perks of being a pop star but Rihanna isn’t about that life.

At a concert in Birmingham a subsequently retired member of the Navy grabbed his idol, only to be whacked on the head with RiRi’s gold microphone. At least he got assaulted by stylish audio equipment.

Who was justified in their actions? Let us know in the comments below.