Aloe Blacc Premieres “Hello World (The World Is Ours)” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | July 10, 2014 11:11 am

Aloe Blacc has revealed his new video for single “Hello World (The World Is Ours).” Directed by Shane Drake and filmed in a single day in Detroit, the clip shows Blacc sings in a decrepit hallway and an abandoned cathedral – a few examples of how the city’s deteriorated in recent years.

Despite his settings, though, Blacc isn’t driven to despair. In other scenes, kids wearing hoodies roam the city. They approach an old man’s home, raid a convenience store and spray-paint a blank wall. One kid reaches into his pocket as he nears a young woman pushing a stroller. These sights, matched with their neighbors’ fearful expressions, can initially brings the deaths of Latasha Harlins and Trayvon Martin to mind – that is, until the kids reveal themselves to be good doers.

Before Blacc was heard by the masses in Avicii‘s “Wake Up,” he was one half of hip-hop duo Emanon – “no name” backwards. And as a rapper, Blacc would often get frustrated over such political and cultural issues like discrimination. As the singer behind Lift Your Spirit, however, he’s changed his tone significantly. “It’s the same story I keep telling in all my songs. It’s the story of the underdog hoping for a better moment,” he said to Idolator, of his follow-up to “Wake Up” – stand-out single “The Man.”

Watch Blacc’s ‘Hello World (The World Is Ours)” video up top.

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