Melanie Martinez Reveals Adorable ‘Cry Baby’ Cover Art And Tracklist

Mike Wass | July 16, 2015 4:12 pm

Kitsch, cute and utterly demented, Melanie Martinez’s unique style really shines through on the artwork of debut LP Cry Baby (due August 14). The handiwork of artist Lissy Elle Laricchia, the wacky portrait finds Mel perched in a cloud — raining down tears on a town of painted houses. Of course, the 20-year-old is rocking a trademark baby-doll-on-LSD ensemble, while the album title is pinned behind her in shiny party balloons. It’s easily the best album cover of the year thus far.

And the music is also shaping up to be pretty damn good! Spearheaded by infectious lead single “Pity Party,” which expertly samples Lesley Gore’s 1963 classic “It’s My Party,” Cry Baby also features the literally bubbly buzz track “Soap” and Dollhouse EP highlight “Carousel.” (You might remember it from those American Horror Story: Freak Show promos). The album also features gems with quintessionally Melanie Martinez titles like “Sippy Cup,” “Pacify Her” and “Mrs. Potato Head.” See the full tracklist below.

Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby tracklist:

1. Cry Baby 2. Dollhouse 3. Sippy Cup 4. Carousel 5. Alphabet Boy 6. Soap 7. Training Wheels 8. Pity Party 9. Tag, You’re It 10. Milk and Cookies 11. Pacify Her 12. Mrs. Potato Head 13. Mad Hatter

Deluxe Edition

14. Half Hearted 15. Cake 16. Teddy Bear

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