Jimmy Fallon Hosts Whitest Rap Show Ever: Watch New History Of Rap With JT & A Macklemore Performance

Carl Williott | September 10, 2015 6:34 am

Kendrick Lamar closed out Stephen Colbert‘s second Late Show episode Wednesday (September 9) with a frantic, breathtaking medley of material from To Pimp A Butterfly. To compete over on NBC, Jimmy Fallon took the opposite tack, basically whitewashing hip-hop in just one episode via the sixth installment of his “History of Rap” sketch with Justin Timberlake followed by a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Downtown” performance. The contrast between the two shows couldn’t be starker, just two days into the new rivalry: One confuses Ohio grandmas, the other caters to them. I have a guess as to which one will win the ratings wars.

Sure, it’s impressive to see Fallon and JT tear through like a dozen raps in a couple minutes, but at this point the novelty has worn off. If you still think this is funny in 2015, I have a hilarious acoustic cover of a gangsta rap song I’d like to show you.

As for Macklemore, he performed the new single with the whole featured crew, and Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam bounced back on hook duties after kind of flopping at the VMAs.

Watch Macklemore up top, and check out JT and Jimmy’s medley below.