Lana Del Rey’s Unreleased “Super Movie” Surfaces Online

Mike Wass | July 25, 2016 8:46 pm
Lana Del Rey's 'Honeymoon': Review
We review Lana Del Rey's spellbinding third album 'Honeymoon.' Find out more.

Lana Del Rey is nothing if not prolific — releasing three albums and an EP since 2012. That output has been supplemented by a steady stream of leaks, which have given us gems like “Queen Of Disaster” and “Serial Killer.” The latest demo to escape the songbird’s laptap is a pretty guitar ballad called “Super Movie,” which originates from the Honeymoon sessions — at least, according to fans. It think it might actually be an early draft of “On Our Way” (the lyrics overlap), but that’s a question only Lana can answer. Not that it matters. The song is utterly intoxicating and well worth a listen regardless of where it comes from.

“I’m your little Super 8 movie, you know I’m in love with you truly,” Lana coos over strummed guitar. She initially appears to be in an unusually upbeat mood, singing: “Kiss me in your Chevrolet, I love you more with each and every day… I could not be happier.” But just when you think there could be a happy ending, melancholy seeps in. “One day we woke up and found that we had grew,” the “High By The Beach” hitmaker laments. “Only I wasn’t me I had come out blue.” Prepare for an onslaught of feelings and press play below.

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