Britney Spears’ “Mood Ring” Is A Sexy Slow Jam: Listen To A Snippet

Mike Wass | September 12, 2016 7:00 pm
Britney Spears’ 'Glory': Album Review
Is Britney Spears' new LP something sensational? Find out in our 'Glory' review.

UPDATE (9/13/16): It’s here!

DJ Mustard first bragged about working with Britney Spears way back in mid-2015, but his Glory contribution missed the cut. In America, at least. “Mood Ring” will get a belated release as the album’s Japanese bonus track on September 14. Snippets have been popping up online for the last couple of weeks, but a new preview gives you a better idea of what to expect. “Nothin’ on my body but this mood ring,” the 34-year-old coos over a hazy electro beat. “I’m in the palm of your hand.” It sounds like a perfect fit for the project’s sexy, mid-tempo sound. Surely, this could have taken the place of “Private Show”?

“I haven’t told nobody yet, but I’ve been in the studio with Britney Spears,” the hitmaker behind Rihanna’s “Needed Me” and Tinashe’s “2 On” revealed last year. “It’s harder than hard — it’s a movie.” DJ Mustard then tweeted about the song a couple of weeks ago, saying it was “coming soon.” He wasn’t lying. (He just forgot to add “in Japan”). Glory debuted at number 3 on Billboard 200 last week with a first-week sales tally of 88,000 copies. Get the general gist of Britney’s Japanese bonus track by listening to a LQ snippet below.

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