Readers’ Poll Results: The 10 Best Albums Released In 2016

Idolator Staff | December 12, 2016 9:29 am

No recounts here, folks.

In early November, we asked Idolator readers to vote for their favorite albums from the first half of 2016, and followed that up two weeks ago with a poll featuring LPs released between July and December. And now the results are in, the numbers have been tallied and we’re presenting you with the 10 Best Albums Of 2016, as chosen by you!

We’ve already put up our editors’ picks for the year’s best albums, but what fun would it be if we didn’t let our music-loving readers have a say, as well?

Head below to see the results of the 10 Best Albums Of 2016, as voted by you!

10. Beyonce, Lemonade (875 votes)


A Mod Squad says, “Putting feelings aside and looking staight at data, scrobble data ( Lemonade was the most played album of the year of the list of albums on this specific poll. Tracks like ‘Sorry’ and ‘Formation’ slowly made their way into the corners of my brain and they refuse to leave. These songs are just stuck in my head now. The Formation tour was by far the best tour of 2016 – amazing production, music, moves, voice and that beautiful woman! #beyonce #lemonade #2016albumoftheyear

9. Tegan And Sara, Love You To Death (904 votes)


aLiinaxxxxx says, “They challenge themselves with every record they do and so far they have nailed it with all of their 8 records! But specifically Love You To Death is a unique and strong album! All of the songs on this record are so strong and have the potential to be a single and that is pretty unusual in my opinion!!”

8. Fifth Harmony, 7/27 (950 votes)

Not a single 5H left a reason why they voted. Why so shy, Harmonizers?!

7. Lady Gaga, Joanne (1,200 votes)


Jim Van Matre says, “Joanne is raw, emotional, and speaks to the heart the way music should. A true masterpiece.”

6. Dawn Richard, Redemption (2,103 votes)


Corey Anthony Tucker says, “In a word, Dawn’s REDEMPTION album is transformative. From start to finish we undergo a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-love. In her intro, Redemption, we literally feel as if we are emerging from a cocoon, about to explore the many beauties the world now has to offer us, as well as its many faults.”

5. Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book (2,222 votes)


Mimi Shaheer says, “Coloring Book just does it for me. it has songs for many vibes and the concert to go along with it was even better. Chance has come with it yet again. Anti, Lemonade, Views, Dangerous Woman and The Life of Pablo were really good albums but they didn’t have the level of diversity and varying vibes Chance brought in Coloring Book. I think he gave the world something they really needed instead of just another track.”

4. Tinashe, Nightride (2,610 votes)

Timika Williams says, “NIGHTRIDE is a evolution of a female artist who is a storyteller whose realm of music really impacts you on an emotional level & her music really makes you think deep down to your core & to see the world through her eyes. Tinashe is one of the most real artists out here she puts her ❤️ Into the music.”

3. Britney Spears, Glory (3,064 votes)


Todd Fortier says, “It’s the kind of pop album I had been craving all year. Nothing serious, just pure pop of different styles. If only we got that David LaChapelle video.”

2. Aurora, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend (4,186 votes)


paramore|-/ says, “She is so magical, so important for all warrios&weirdos! This album saved my Life.”

1. Gwen Stefani, This Is What The Truth Feels Like (18,234 votes)


Norah says, “Gwen Stefani’s This is What the Truth Feels Like may just be her best album yet. Once again, she proves just why she is the queen of turning tragedy into tremendous success. She is a true role model of character and strength as she bares her emotions on this amazing piece of art!”

What do you make of this year’s readers’ poll results? Let us know!