Nicki Minaj Poses For ‘T’ Magazine, Hypes Her New Album

Mike Wass | October 16, 2017 5:53 pm
Fergie & Nicki's 'You Already Know' Video
Fergie and Nicki Minaj serve looks in their sleek and sexy 'You Already Know' video.

Nicki Minaj strikes a pose for New York Times’ style magazine, revealing a sophisticated new look. (She’s come a long way since the Roman Reloaded era!) In addition to channeling her inner supermodel, the rapper also opened up about her new album, which has a “super, super iconic” title. “Sonically, I know what the album’s about to sound like,” she reveals. “I know what this album is gonna mean to my fans. This album is everything in my life coming full circle and me being truly, genuinely happy. It feels almost like a celebration.”

“The last album, The Pink Print, was almost like my diary, closing the chapter on certain things and not knowing if I was happy or sad about beginning new chapters,” she elaborates. “I was really writing about feeling unsure. Now, I can tell you guys what happened for the last two years of my life. I know who I am. I am getting Nicki Minaj figured out with this album and I’m loving her.”

The 34-year-old might also be returning to the edgier sound of her pre-fame mixtapes. “This is definitely the most inspired and free and excited I’ve been since I started releasing albums through a label,” Nicki says. “When you’re doing your own little thing, you feel like, I can be myself, I can be crazy. When you start working with a record company, you start thinking you need a bigger sound. I wanted to get back to the place where I wasn’t second-guessing things so much. Sometimes simple is O.K.”

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