MØ Mixes It Up On Surprise ‘When I Was Young’ EP

Mike Wass | October 26, 2017 5:26 pm
MØ's Epic 'Nights With You' Video
MØ's 'Nights With You' video is a crazy, Eastern European street party.

Well, here’s a pleasant surprise! returns with a new EP called When I Was Young. It’s her first body of work since 2014’s No Mythologies To Follow and is something of a throwback to the loose, alternative DIY-pop of her early songs. “Making the EP has been such a nice flashback experience because I forgot about the little things; how you put the songs together, the lyrics, the song titles and the artwork,” the Danish diva explains in the press release. “Just being in the bubble of that energy is so fucking awesome.”

“It’s so amazing to be able to create a universe,” she continues. “These years have been a learning process about what’s important, and that’s what this EP reflects. These songs were chosen instinctively, and by a gut feeling really, but they’re all about both looking back and forward.” The EP comes after a string of bops (“Final Song,” “Kamikaze” and “Nights With You”) intended to launch MØ as a mainstream hitmaker. And it worked, but it looks like she has something else in mind. Stream her new EP below.

MØ’s When I Was Young EP tracklist:

1. Roots

2. When I Was Young

3. Turn My Heart To Stone

4. Linking With You

5. Bb

6. Run Away

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