Florence + The Machine’s “Big God” Is About Religion & Being Left On Read

Mike Wass | June 19, 2018 2:53 pm
Florence + The Machine Live In LA
We review the pop goddess's performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA.

EDIT: This post has been updated with the dramatic video. Watch at the bottom of the post.

Florence + The Machine’s fourth LP, High As Hope, arrives next week (on June 29, to be exact) and it’s shaping up to be one of the year’s best albums. Singles “Sky Full Of Song” and “Hunger” rank among the Brit’s finest — a trend that continues with “Big God.” And, as with all great songs, it works on several levels. “You keep me up at night,” Ms. Welch laments in the opening verse. “To my messages, you do not reply.” The flame-haired vocalist could be talking to God or an ex, and both answers would be right.

What’s it about? “Obviously, an unfillable hole in the soul, but mainly about someone not replying to my text,” she told the New York Times. Which makes “Big God” the first song about religion and ghosting, at least that I can think of. The song is held together by a soaring, dangerous chorus. “You need a big god, big enough to hold your love,” Florence howls. “You need a big god, big enough to fill you up.” The video was directed by Autumn de Wilde and arrives tomorrow. Watch a preview here and listen to the song below.

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