Charli XCX Hits The Dance Floor On Loved-Up Bops “Focus” & “No Angel”

Mike Nied | June 29, 2018 12:25 am

Charli XCX promised to fill 2018 with new content. And so far she has stayed true to her word. The 25-year-old already treated fans to a handful of songs and visuals. She lent her voice to a trio of collaborations (Rita Ora’s “Girls,” Tove Lo’s “Bitches” and Lil Xan’s “Moonlight”) and rides a trap-infused beat on her self-assured banger “5 In The Morning.” After hosting a chic fashion show within a warehouse in the accompanying video earlier this week, she has turned her attention toward a pair of new tracks. Today (June 29), she rolled out “No Angel” and “Focus.” Boasting bold, electronic productions, the anthems further support her well-earned status as a club queen.

Both tracks include a message for a romantic partner. However, their delivery is shockingly different. On “No Angel,” the hitmaker admits to having a wild side but requests a chance to prove herself worthy of love. “Always been a little bit fast and wild. My mama always said I was a problem child,” she warns over snappy beats and candied synths. The defiant opening transforms as she moves into the earnest chorus. “Don’t let me go,” she pleads. “I just wanna let you know that I’m no angel. But I can learn. Baby, I’m bad to the bone. I just wanna let you know that I’m no angel, but I can learn.”

In comparison, “Focus” features a frantic demand for attention over a racing production. “I just want you to focus on my love. Just focus on my,” she chants repeatedly as the beat powers along underneath her insistent vocals. There is a true sense of urgency to her delivery, which is made all the more serious as she teases her partner with the promise of a romantic interlude. “Pull me in, pull me closer. Give me that diagnosis. Blow my mind like explosions, just one touch leaves me hopeless,” she adds.

Of the two, “No Angel” emerges as a personal favorite. It moves her pop aesthetic into a more experimental realm and features some of her most earnest lyrics to date. However, it is easy to imagine “Focus” filling dance floors across the globe with its irresistible production. Give the tracks a spin below and pick which you prefer.

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