Robyn Throws A Dance Party In Her Blurry “Honey” Video

Mike Wass | December 5, 2018 3:13 pm
Robyn Announces New LP, 'Honey'
The wait is over! Robyn announces the release date for 8th LP, 'Honey.'

Robyn’s comeback LP presents something of a conundrum for me. While Honey is undeniably good, it feels more like mood music than a collection of finely-crafted pop songs. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I expected from the mastermind behind Body Talk and 2008’s seminal self-titled opus. While much of the album blurs together, there are a couple of obvious standouts including the sexy title track. The video for “Honey” arrives today (December 5) and it showcases music and movement as a form of communication and self-expression.

“I was amazed by the warmth and open spirit of the cast,” the Swedish pop star says of the fans that auditioned for a spot in the video via social media. “It was lovely to dance with them during the shoot, the energy was so cool. [The director] and I both wanted this video to feel loose and free and I was just so impressed of how everyone who came to be a part of the shoot just got it and gave it their all.” Watch the Max Vitali-directed clip up top and check out Robyn’s 2019 tour dates below.

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