Astrid S Makes Amends On Electro-Pop Gem, “The First One”

Mike Wass | June 5, 2019 2:00 pm
Astrid S Talks 'Emotion'
We speak to the Norwegian pop star about soaring new single, 'Emotion.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with Astrid’s suitably emo video for “The First One.” Watch it below.

Astrid S blesses New Music Friday with yet another perfect pop song. “The First One” is taken from an upcoming EP and ranks as one of her best singles to date. Co-written with Justin Tranter and produced by Jason Gill (his credits include Zara Larsson, Bebe Rexha and ALMA), “The First One” is an unusually honest electro-pop anthem that doubles as a musical apology. “I know what I’ve been doing, running through ’em just to try and catch a feeling,” she admits over jagged synths. “But the feeling never happened and I’m sorry that I did you wrong.”

It turns out, Astrid was too bruised from her first love to let anyone else in. “To all the ones I ever hurt, always knew it wouldn’t work,” the 22-year-old belts on the anthemic chorus. “Not your fault, I gave too much to the first one.” Like “Emotion,” “Closer” and “Someone New,” “The First One” is refreshingly raw and unfiltered. It’s also incredibly catchy and endlessly relatable. With any luck, this will be the song that clicks and introduces Astrid’s music to a much wider audience. Listen to “The First One” below.

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