Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” Is A Song Of The Summer Contender

Mike Wass | May 31, 2019 12:30 am
Katy Announces 'Never Really Over'
A new era begins! Katy Perry announces comeback single, 'Never Really Over.'

Katy Perry returns with a new single called “Never Really Over” and it’s an instant Song Of The Summer contender. Produced by Zedd and Dreamlab, the soaring pop anthem is essentially about the art of letting go. “I’m losing my self control, yeah you’re starting to trickle back in,” the hitmaker sings in the opening verse. “But I don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole, cross my heart I won’t do it again.” However, healthy decision-making isn’t as easy as it sounds — an annoying fact she references on the sing-along chorus.

“Two years and just like that, my head still takes me back,” Katy belts over summery synths. “Thought it was done but I guess it’s never really over.” The song really takes flight on the quirky post-chorus, which cleverly samples Dagny’s “Love You Like That.” All in all, it’s an extremely satisfying introduction to KP5. And one that feels like a natural progression from Witness rather than a step back. While some have described “Never Really Over” as a throwback to the Teenage Dream era, the lyrics reflect a maturity that only comes with life experience.

“There are so many ways to choose your own adventure these days,” Katy says in an upcoming interview with Brooke Reese on Apple Music’s Beats 1. “You can be in the best position of your life and in the healthiest place in your life, and then you get one text message that just makes you fall to your knees.” However, this song is about moving forward. “All these things that you did in the past led you to this place,” she emphasizes. “I believe that we all have the option to be our best selves, but we’ve got to choose it.”

The pop star’s fascination with healing and personal growth also comes through in the Philippa Price-directed video. It finds our heroine on a picturesque, but slightly unnerving retreat in Malibu where she dabbles in various new age treatments to mend a broken heart. It’s a stunningly filmed blockbuster that deserves your full attention. Fall in love with Katy’s next big hit below.

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