Madison Beer Introduces Her Debut LP With “Good In Goodbye”

Mike Wass | January 31, 2020 4:35 pm
Madison Beer's 'Dead' Video
The rising star switches up her sound on alt-pop bop 'Dead.' Watch the video.

After reinventing herself on 2017’s alt-leaning “Dead,” Madison Beer went from strength to strength as an independent artist. The 20-year-old decided to sign with Epic Records in 2019, but returning to the major label fold hasn’t blunted her edge. The “Hurts Like Hell” hitmaker introduces her debut LP with a fiery anthem called “Good In Goodbye.” And yes, it’s a breakup song. “You got blood on your hands, how do you plead?” she asks. “Boy, it’s like treason how you treatin’ me.”

Madison throws the book at her no-good boyfriend on the chorus. “You put the ‘over’ in ‘lover,’ put the ‘ex’ in ‘next,’ ain’t no ‘I’ in ‘trouble,’ just the ‘U’ since we met,” the breakout star belts. “‘Cause you’re toxic, boy, I ain’t even gotta try to find the G-O-O-D in goodbye.” There’s no coming back from that! “It feels so good to be releasing the first single from my debut album,” Madison says in the press release. “Touching on a theme that resonates throughout the album, ‘Good In Goodbye’ is… about how cutting ties with a toxic person.”

“No matter how tough it can feel at the time, [it’s] sometimes the only way forward and you should always find the good in goodbye,” she continues. “It also touches on the duality of condemnation and self-reflection you often go through at the end of a relationship — a concept which is brought to life in the video where I delve deep into my inner demons, playing myself and my evil twin.” Watch the special effects-filled, self-directed video below.

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