Madonna Sued For Late Starts On Her ‘Madame X Tour’

Mike Nied | February 4, 2020 2:31 pm

Fans at Madonna’s shows need to know that the Queen of Pop controls two things. What are those exactly? The answer appears to be that she calls the shots on the temperature and the start time. Last year the living legend made headlines over her refusal to turn on the air conditioning during a performance on her Madame X Tour in Florida. “Fuck you! I’m cold,” she allegedly told the complaining audience. However, she did provide some advice for how to cool down: “Take your fucking clothes off.” Iconic.

That’s not all though. This week, TMZ reported Madge was hit with a second lawsuit (the first was filed in November) over belatedly taking the stage. According to the publication, the suit was filed by two concertgoers who attended the Madame X Tour in New York City on September 21 and October 1. Allegedly Madonna didn’t start the shows until 11:30 and 10:40 respectively, although the set was supposed to begin at 8:30. This reportedly led to problems with arranging rides home and diminished the value of their tickets.

What are the fans suing for? According to TMZ it’s for “breach of contract, loss of value, false advertisement and negligent misrepresentation.” They’d like to be reimbursed for legal fees and damages caused by the delay. So far Madonna has not responded to the lawsuit. She is also still performing the show in Europe. Get ticket info here (only if you don’t mind waiting a bit to see the Queen in action).

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