Is Lady Gaga’s 6th Album Called ‘Chromatica’?

Mike Wass | February 25, 2020 1:44 pm
Lady Gaga Confirms 'Stupid Love'
It's official! Gaga is releasing 'Stupid Love' as the lead single from 'LG6.'

If a member of your family goes missing, don’t bother calling the FBI. Simply fire up Twitter and ask a Little Monster for assistance. After all, nothing gets past a Lady Gaga fan. Here’s a case in point. Minutes after the pop star announced “Stupid Love” as her comeback single, fans uncovered the potential title of her new album. If you look at the bottom lefthand corner of the “Stupid Love” cover, there’s a black-and-white label (below). Among the usual branding, you will find the word Chromatica.

While there’s no official confirmation yet, Chromatica definitely has a nice ring to it. The word also references both color and musical notes, so — again — it fits. Chances are we will know a lot more on Friday. That’s the day Gaga unleashes “Stupid Love” upon the world. It would also be the perfect time to reveal the title of her long-gestating 6th album. Given the frenzied response to “Stupid Love” (it was trending worldwide in minutes), the superstar could have a huge era on her hands.

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