Isaac Dunbar Drops Excellent ‘isaac’s insects’ EP: Stream

Mike Nied | April 9, 2020 3:49 pm

Isaac Dunbar is the Real Deal. After listening to Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP in 2013 (so you know he possesses both taste and talent), he was inspired to begin creating music himself. And his skills have only grown since the first attempts went live on SoundCloud. Last year the 17-year-old dropped an EP called balloons don’t float here and then made his major label debut with the unveiling of “onion boy.” A multitude of equally fascinating gems followed. Today (April 9) he returns with isaac’s insects. And the seven-song EP is yet another testament to his undeniable abilities and star power.

Several songs on the tracklist are already familiar to fans. That includes previous singles like the intriguing title track, “makeup drawer,” “scorton’s creek” and Isaac’s defiant non-conformity anthem “comme des garçons (like the boys).” However, there are three new additions in the mix: “boy,” “suicide” and “colony.” The first is a compelling bop about conflicted feelings in a relationship. Meanwhile the latter two are deeply emotional ballads. With its powerful lyrics, “Suicide” in particular is resonating with listeners who struggle with or know someone who struggles with depression.

Meanwhile the latter finds the rising star laying his voice over sparse keys. “Even when I’m old with brittle bones and all, I’ll be, I’ll be whole if they ever need a home,” Isaac promises. “I’ll open up my walls for the, for the colony.” This one in particular highlights the full range and complexities of his voice. He opened up about the project in a press release. “I call my fans insects, and this EP is an accumulation of songs i’ve made over the past year for them,” he said. “It features a ton of unreleased stuff they enjoy, and they’re my favorite songs i’ve put out so far.”

Dive into isaac’s insects below and let us know what songs speak to you.

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