Evanescence Rocks Out On “The Game Is Over”

Mike Wass | July 4, 2020 1:48 pm
Evanescence's 'The Bitter Truth' LP
The iconic rock band has announced their 5th LP, 'The Bitter Truth.'

The renaissance of Evanescence is one of the few good things to happen in 2020. Amy Lee & Co. kicked off their comeback in April with a soaring rock ballad called “Wasted On You.” They go a lot harder on the followup. “The Game Is Over” proves that the “Bring Me To Life” hitmakers have lost none of their edge. Essentially, a cry for authenticity, the sprawling anthem promises very good things for their upcoming 5th LP, The Bitter Truth. “Had enough, I’ve really had enough,” Amy begins the song. “I’m not alright but I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know that I ever was.” Relatable.

She continues to rage against the machine as “The Game Is Over” progresses. “Take a breath and try to play along but
I’m a terrible liar, I feel the world like a brick on my chest and the party’s just begun.” What inspired the song? “[It’s] about being sick of the facade,” the Evanescence front-woman explains. “The disguises we wear for others to make them feel comfortable, the inside feelings being so different than what we show on the outside to fit within the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable.”

“‘The Game is Over’ is a promise to myself and out loud that I’m going to be more of my real, inner self on the outside — not lock her up because she can’t be contained anymore,” Amy continues. “It’s also a prayer to become better, to not feel so messed up, locked up, and hurt inside.” Watch the gritty video, which was shot on an iPhone during lockdown, below. It’s so good to have them back.

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