Lindsey Lomis Teams Up With JoJo For “Slow Motion”

Mike Wass | October 16, 2020 12:23 am
Lindsey Lomis Drops 'Feel'
Lindsey Lomis makes her major label debut with a single called 'Feel.'

Lindsey Lomis made her major label debut earlier this year with a hook-filled pop song called “Feel” and then followed it up with a bluesy track called “Bones.” The 17-year-old emphasizes her versatility by switching it up again on the soulful “Slow Motion,” a slinky duet with JoJo. Keeping up with JoJo vocally isn’t for the faint of heart, but the Nashville newcomer makes it look effortless. “‘Slow Motion’ is dedicated to my best friend,” Lindsey reveals in the press release.

“It’s about slowing it down, caring less about what people think of you, and simply living your life,” she continues. “To just let go. This is something I struggle with a lot. I feel the need to please people over myself — I think we all do. I wrote this song with Ryan Daly after I had just gotten off the phone with my best friend. ‘Slow Motion’ is exactly what I would tell her when she’s stressed out, and I think it’s a message that everyone needs to hear.” At this rate, Lindsey’s In The Madness EP (due October 23) is shaping up to be rather special.

Watch Lindsey and JoJo’s “Slow Motion” visual below.

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