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Deadheads to One Directioners: These Fans Are Unbelievably Dedicated

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Athletes Who Tried To Cross Over To Music, For Better Or For Worse

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The Best Comeback Stories In Music History

For most bands, it’s an almost impossible task to stay relevant when you’ve already reached your peak. Whether it’s band conflicts, addiction, deaths, or a lack of creativity most bands eventually fade away. Here’s a list of bands that wouldn’t give up and made an amazing comeback. More »

Artists Who Released Incredible Albums Before They Could Legally Drink

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The Wildest Unsolved Hip-Hop Murders And Scandals

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Banned: Musicians Who Can’t Play That Funky Music Overseas

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End Of An Era: Revisit All 94 Songs That Hit #1 During President Obama’s 8 Years In Office

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George Michael: 11 Key Collaborations, From Band Aid To Beyonce

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Readers’ Poll Results: The 10 Best Albums Released In 2016

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