Rihanna Does “Rude Boy” On ‘Ellen’

Given all the hype surrounding Ellen DeGeneres’ debut on American Idol last week, we momentarily forgot that—oh, right—the blonde comedienne has her own daytime talk show, where occasionally folks like Adam Lambert show up and offer their underwear for charity.

Today Rihanna appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shimmied around in a leather visor and shorts while belting out her latest single “Rude Boy.” See the clip after the jump.

There is plenty of speculation going around about who Rihanna might be jacking with regards to “Rude Boy.” But if she is indeed lifting from other artists, it’s a shame her Prince-esque “Sexuality” has yet to see an official release.

The Barbados-born diva is up for Best International Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards tomorrow. And if UK tabloid The Daily Mirror is to be believed, Ri Ri has now been cast in the role of a “super sexy, super kinky dominatrix” in the remake of martial arts flick Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.

RZA, who is co-producing the film with Samuel L. Jackson, initially told MTV he wanted to cast Rihanna back in December 2008. The Wu-Tang Clan frontman had Rihanna in mind for the role played by Vanity in the original 1985 film.

“That’s the one I’m rooting for,” RZA said of Rihanna. “We’re keeping that same concept of the girl being in the music business.”