Watch Untamed Miley Cyrus’ ‘Last Song’ Lap Dance Video

TMZ, always the go-to source for videos involving pop stars and lap dances, snagged a clip of then-16-year-old Miley Cyrus doing a highly age-inappropriate dance with Adam Shankman, the producer of The Last Song (who was 44), at the movie’s wrap party last summer. TMZ notes that Shankman is openly gay. He’s also a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe he was just auditioning Miley for the show? (Riiiight.) Watch Hannah Montana’s lap-dancing antics below! (Warning: this pretty much falls in the NSFW category, folks.)

Oh, Miley—guess you really can’t be tamed. At least this goes along with the theme of her new album, which is due out next month. (Funny how coincidental the timing of this video surfacing is, no?)

TMZ also points out that Miley’s parents were apparently not at the party.

What do you think—was pop’s teen queen completely out of line here, or was she just bein’ Miley?

  • EveKeys

    I think that theres nothing wrong with this.Any other teenager dances like this .So there’s no big deal +That guy is gay so I don’t think she did it because shes a bad girl.

  • Rawr

    its bull most of the time tmz twists everything around.

  • Kyle Webs

    Is he sure he’s gay? Looks like he’s just acting so he doesn’t get caught with her.

  • melissa

    miley is a slut giving a lap dance to a 44 year old gay guy no normal teen does that

  • armani

    teens do dance like that because i go to High Tech High nd people think its a nerdy school and at the dances its like that and at n e other regular high school its worse…i think its no big deal people over exaggerate on things

  • lexjohn

    It doesn’t matter if “other teens dance like that.” Miley Cyrus isn’t a normal teenager – she’s supposed to be a role model for young girls. Is this what our 8-12 year old kids are supposed to grow up to be? It’s absolutely horrible, and she never deserved the fame she has. Miley Cyrus needs to be thrown off a cliff, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Alyssa

    i feel da same way. ok i can see a teen giving a lap dance 2 another teen but 2 a 44 year old guy!!!!!!!!! thats just sick!

  • jess

    Quite frankly, Miley Cyrus is just another teen. The fact that you may let your kids look up to her is entirely your problem. Have them look up to Princess Diana or something wholesome. Teens are, have been, and will forever be a little slutty. Believe me because I am a teen! We’re a little eccentric. And besides, thats how you dance anymore. It’s called grinding and it’s not my fault y’all old people aren’t used to it. Get with the times. :)

  • Krystal

    I completely agree! The things you people see as slutty and outrageous are pretty much the everyday for us. Society is different now, so if you don’t realize this isn’t the 60′s anymore, that’s your problem, not miley’s.

  • wow

    wow. just WOW. a normal 16 year old girl wouldn’t do that to a 44 year old man!!! fuck, she’s famous too, you’d think she’d watch her back. fucking whore. ><

  • amnada

    wow so? its just a party.and shes not 14 anymore. its not that seriouse i bet most girls did that too.

  • debrarae

    Is she that jealous of Taylor swift that she has to stoop so low to get her sales up?

  • Jane

    HAHAHAHHA fucken Miley just a slutt. … oh god i love her. hahah

  • toninero

    Okay, this is my opinion. Its wrong in my eyes for ANYONE to do that. Whether or not that man is gay has nothing to do with it. The age difference is my concern, and quite obviously the person who recorded it thought so too because they KNEW Miley and the producer would catch shit for doing this. So it is quite blatantly not okay. At all.
    Celebrity gets to everyone, you know. All the young girls out there with wads of cash hanging out of their g-strings and the young boys with the screaming fan girls that will give them sex for free just to say they’ve done it. Its sick and disheartening, but there isn’t much any of us can do about it.
    If Miley Cyrus wants to be associated with Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, let her do it. Its her choice.

  • elly

    LMFAO! I know right!!

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  • bill

    who cares

  • LUCY

    there gonna grow up to dance like this anyway at least one point in their lives….

  • Blur

    This. is. BADDDD…. idc what ppl say; miley is a skank. everybody says ‘ieveryone does it; its no big deal’; does that make it right? I HATE THIS MORAL RELATIVISM!!! I HATE this idea society is spreading that the basic concepts of right and wrong are outmoded and SOOOO 20th century…What next? Miley will perform her concerts totally in the nude? masturbate to orgasm on stage? If things are like this now, how will they be in 10 years? In Britney Spears song ’3′ she sings ‘Living in sin is the new thing’ well in 10 years will Miley be singing ‘Pedophilia is the new thing?’ WIll Disney Channel be airing porn? THIS IS INSANE!!! This is wrong and sick!!!

  • Blur

    ADD_ON: i am NOT a conservative Christian either…so dont go there in any responses

  • Alex

    Wow i cant even belive she did that idk if she did it to get the part or what not but it looks like shes going after older guys now unlike people her age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • meme

    well i just think shes being a slut!!!!!!!

  • Marco Cyrus Candeias

    She’s just being a big BITCH!!!!!!!!!! I love miley but… this is horrible!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Your all idiots. She’s a whore. It isn’t that bad to do that to someone your own age if they are single. But NOT SOMEONE WHO COULD BE MY FATHER OR HER FATHER.


    End of Story

  • Andrew

    She’s not supposed to be a role model. Because she acts and sings? She’s doing what she loves to do. She’s human just like every other teenage girl that do so many worse things than her.

  • anon

    He’s sure he’s gay…I’m a lesbian and I dance with guys all the time, I’m jut a partyer, love going to raves and moshes. But just because I dance with a guy doesn’t mean I’m “UNSURE”. You’re retarded. He’s gay. That just means he doesn’t have romantic and/or sexual relationships with women. Why are people so stupid?

  • anon

    Also she IS supposed to be a role model when you WORK FOR DISNEY on a children’s show ABOUT morals!!

  • Jonny Quest

    The 60s? You mean the times of free love and extreme drug usage? Times are no more outrageous now than they were fifty years ago. Enlighten yourself, child.

    As for the video, there’s nothing wrong with it. Teenagers dance like this all the time. I see it as just one more way for them to blow off some hormones.

  • Notebook Akkus

    miley is a slut giving a lap dance to a 44 year old gay guy no normal teen does that

  • Ash

    I’ve seen 6 year olds do worst so stop being over dramatic. If you go where I live and see these little four year olds who older sisters teach them to spread there legs and so call “pop their p****,” you would understand how im not concerned by this at all

  • Ash

    I know many of the disney stars and if you seen what most of them did you wouldnt even think of miley as a bad rolemodel… I’ve been to many of these “disney kids” parties…

  • Flexxi

    Lol @ masturbating on stage (@ poster ‘Blur’) – Madonna did that right at the beginning of her career and no-one goes round calling her a slut now, she’s an icon. Miley Cyrus is hardly going that far and frankly is pretty tame compared to a lot of celebrities out there. She’s a teenager – this is the kind of stuff teenagers do, if you don’t realise that then you are pretty much out of touch with the reality of life and society as it is today.

  • Ling Illovsky

    How could Miley be sooo stupid to let some jerk record her taking a hit from a bong? Doesn’t she relize these things eventually leak out?