Xtina’s “Elastic Love” Rocks—But You’ll Have To Wait To See It Live

Christina Aguilera is postponing her Bionic tour til 2011, citing prior commitments as the reason for pushing back her tour with Leona Lewis. Turns out 2010 is too busy a year for the singer, since she has to promote both her new album and her film Burlesque, which will be released this November.

But don’t be too sad, Xtina stans! Bionic drops June 8, and we’ve got two standout tracks from her fourth studio album to share with you—”I Hate Boys” and the M.I.A.-penned “Elastic Love”. Unfortunately, only one of them is a standout in a good way.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/04-Track-04.mp3" text="Christina Aguilera - Elastic Love" dl="0"]

“A rubber band is what I call your love for me, cause it comes and goes and pins me like a trampoline,” talks-sings Christina, sounding a bit like Gwen Stefani (but not in any blatant let’s-start-a-feud-with-Gwen way, so retract your claws, folks). We’re just going to blurt it out—we love this song. This 80s New Wave-style synth track is fresh and bouncy and is interestingly bereft of Aguilera’s power notes she’s known for. It’s a unique change of pace that doesn’t feel forced in any way.

It’s interesting that M.I.A. is a co-writer on “Elastic Love,” because we don’t think it necessarily reminds us much of her music (whereas the Santigold-written opener “Bionic” has tinges of Maya Arulpragasam’s darker electro sound). But it’s definitely a departure for Christina, or Xtina, or any other adopted phase the pop star has sported throughout her career. It doesn’t sound much like anything on Top 40 radio at the moment, either, so we hope it  gets a shot at being a single.

(If we have but one complaint, it’s this dumber-than-dumb lyric: “A rubber band was an analogy, you could even say it’s a metaphor.” Yeah, Christina. We got that.)

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/16-Track-16.mp3" text="Christina Aguilera - I Hate Boys" dl="0"]

The track, allegedly produced by Polow Da Don, begins pretty much ripping off the opening drum beat to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” and sounds almost directly inspired by the trash-talk obnoxiousness found in Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend.” We think Avril is too old to be chanting such schoolyard insults, so just imagine how disappointing it is to hear a 29-year old do the same thing, but in an even less sophisticated way.

In the song, Christina claims that “all men are dogs” and that guys are “only good for fruit, I mean bananas, them boys they’re driving me bananas.” (Yes, she just rhymed bananas with bananas.) It’s one of those pandering songs that will no doubt have young girls singing along, particularly the chorus, “I hate boys, but boys love me, I think they suck and my friends agree.”

It comes off like a song about female empowerment on the surface, but really, it’s just a hate-driven song about ridiculing all men. What happened to Christina’s positive outlook about the male race in “Ain’t No Other Man” or “Candyman”? We know “I Hate Boys” is just a song, but it’s a lazy one that leaves rubs us the wrong way.

So basically, these two tracks highlight the best and the worst you’ll find on Bionic. Is that good enough to motivate passing Christina fans to pick up her album June 8? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Sally

    I listened to 9 songs yesterday and you put them all together and the album is hott and different with versatility. I love “I hate boys” because it a fun girl anthem that I am forced to sing along to after the second verse. It is fun…what every pop song should be like!

  • http://brandonsentertainmentcircle.blogspot.com/ Brandon Hall

    I am actually not liking either song their just not doing it for me, Im beginning to wonder if this was a direction she should have taken. I do admire her willing to change so often but Back to Basics seemed like a well crafted gem to go from that too Bionic it seems the overall quality just doesn’t seem to be there, and I actually have liked the bulk of Bionic tracks Ive listened to.

    However she does seem committed to the project and all that comes with it, “Woohoo” seriously needs to be the second single.

    I haven’t heard all the tracks the entire album did leak allegedly, but I am still waiting for that perfect ballad shes managed to put out every album so far.

  • Sally

    That perfect ballad is “You Lost Me”, in my opinion.

  • Michael

    I really love this songs, which are very melodious and beautiful. Perfect ballad.


  • Michael

    In my opinion, this songs of album will be very popular worldwide. For me, the music is pretty!


  • http://thisweeksbestnewpopsong.blogspot.com JamesB

    The elastic one is very 80s and I will give it a couple more listens to see if it grows on me. The I Hate Boys track doesn’t sound great to me but that’s maybe because I am one.

  • Floptina

    The album is a mess, which is unfortunate considering how amazing a lot of her earlier work is. Bionic and Elastic Love are aaamazing but sound like Santigold/M.I.A. ripoffs. Pretty much all of her work is derivative these days…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Manuel-Camargo/792887489 Manuel Camargo

      @alerch20 Exactly!! she was invited to Oprah, and American Idol, VH1, and is doing MTV movie awards, and much more, you can check her site to see more places she is going to stop at. she isnt forgotten at all. Lady gaga needs “honey B” to get a boost in her fame thats it. Id like to see Kesha or katy parry, team up with xtina one of these days! that would be great :D, kesha and katy parry havent let gaga have a #1 hit from her new album yet lol she hasnt had a #1 since “the fame” lol tik tok :P

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Manuel-Camargo/792887489 Manuel Camargo

      Oops something strange happened there…. wrong person… i cant delete :/ oh well :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Manuel-Camargo/792887489 Manuel Camargo

    I think you are wrong, i listened to the leaked album, and it was unbelievable. you should learn to appreciate what xtina is doing, she isnt ripping anyone, she is exploring her voice in different genres, she has done so in the past, and now she is doing it again. She gots a lot of very catchy songs and ballads on her CD, and I personally cant wait for the CD!

  • Anthony

    she should have released the single “Elastic Love” to keep the album alive

  • Usha Runkle

    Awesome session. Thanks for posting this here too as I missed it when it was live.Daniel.