Ellen DeGeneres Is Starting A Record Label, Signs Greyson Chance

And here you thought Ellen DeGeneres took up judging duties on American Idol simply because she was a fan of the series! On today’s episode of her talk show, DeGeneres solidified her status as all-around entertainment mogul by announcing that she’s starting her own record label. Her first signing: piano-playing “Paparazzi” kid Greyson Chance. Watch Ellen’s announcement and Greyson’s latest performance after the jump.

After initially appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show two weeks ago—where he received some sage advice from Lady Gaga herself—rumors swirled that 12-year-old viral video sensation Greyson had signed a deal with Interscope.

However, the mop-haired kid appeared on the daytime series again today where, after banging out an original composition titled “Broken Hearts,” he was awarded with a new piano, $10,000 for winning Ellen’s Web Of Wonderment talent search and—surprise, Greyson’s classmates!—a contract with the talk show host’s brand new music company. (Someone’s got to be a bigwig in the biz now that Simon’s off Idol.)

“He inspired me to start a record label called Eleven Eleven,” DeGeneres announced. “He is my first artist and we are making a record together.”

While no lengthy details have emerged yet, who knows—perhaps Eleven Eleven (or 11 11?) will be an imprint under Interscope.

But, geez—how did Lin Yu Chun miss out on this action? Ah, well—at least he got a conciliatory prize.

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  • Aeolian Hall

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