Ke$ha Blasts Conan With Her Glitter Gun

“Blow” and “Till The World Ends” songstress Ke$ha slinked onto Conan last night, where she pummeled host Conan O’Brien with her glitter gun and lamented the fact that he shaved his beard. “I was kind of bummed because I love putting beards, like, on my face and in my mouth, and touching it,” K-Dolla said. Next she chewed off Conan’s fake beard then discussed getting a “lady boner” while running her hands through a bag of quarters. Marvel below!

Things later went from $leazy to cute when Ke$ha taught Conan how to play her theremin. No, no — that’s a musical instrument, not… oh, never mind. Just watch.

Anyone else think these two would make a cute couple? (You know, if Conan wasn’t, like, already married…)

  • shufflineveryday

    this is really funny and really cute. they’re a great couple (if conan wasn’t married). i’m really seeing ke$ha in a different way lately. i didn’t understand her at first but i’m starting to see that she’s really smart and funny and…..(gasp)…..i’m becoming a true fan.

    • Robbie Daw

      Better late than glitter…er, NEVER.

  • Theremin World

    I’m torn here. I love that the theremin got some wide public exposure here, but Conan perpatuated the myth that a theremin was used in Good Vibrations, and Ke$ha only uses it as a sound effect.