Wynter Gordon Covers Katy Perry’s “E.T.”

Jun 19th, 2011 // 4 Comments

We can (almost) get those images of Kanye West rapping while floating through space out of our mind after hearing “Til Death” chanteuse Wynter Gordon singing an acoustic take on Katy Perry’s thumping sonic space odyssey “E.T. (Futuristic Lover).” The eternally-youthful songbird looked and sounded lovely crooning Kathy Beth Terry’s hit at a private event in Sydney yesterday — at least until she gives a playful alien-like lick to an audience member at the end of the song. See the live rendition after the jump, along with a performance of “Til Death” from the Aussie version of Dancing With The Stars.

While we never really envisioned “E.T.” as the kind of song that would translate well to a slowed-down love ballad, we have to say Wynter has surprised us, turning in gravity-defying vocals that probably surpass those on the original.

What do you think?

  1. Snapkins

    ooh. AWESOME. she sounded perfect, and was clearly having a great time… she put her all into it… magnetizing…

  2. Colin

    Probably better live then katy perry herself.

  3. adude

    She sounds amazing live

  4. Art

    Thank you for sharing this! I loved her performance of Til Death, and it makes me happy to know that she has more good songs on her album besides Dirty Talk, just because of this, I think I’mma buy her album just to see what I’ve been missing. Thanks guys! :D

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