Andre 3000 May Play Jimi Hendrix, Has Jason Derulo To Thank

Andre 3000 is no stranger to the acting world — he’s appeared on TV shows like The Shield, in the Will Ferrell comedy Semi-Pro and even starred in the musical Prohibition-era Idlewild. But the “Party”-goer’s next project could be a doozy – the Outkast man is reportedly playing Jimi Hendrix in an independently-made biopic of the artist’s life. Interesting, since that is the exact same part that Jason Derulo claims he turned down!

Actress Hayley Atwell, who next appears in Captain America, dished to Esquire about some upcoming projects, and she let it slip that Andre 3000 (born Andre Benjamin) may star as Hendrix in an upcoming biopic. “Next up is possibly a Jimi Hendrix biopic — an independent film with Andre 3000 from OutKast playing Jimi Hendrix,” she told the mang. “But I don’t know, really. The Atwell team is like, Let’s just wait and see.”

That’s a pretty meaty role for the rapper, but according to Jason Derulo, the part was his first. The “Don’t Wanna Go Home” singer told MTV-UK this week that he had to turn down the chance to play Hendrix so he could focus on his new album, Future History (out later this year).

Future History is my main focus right now, it’s the greatest accomplishment of my life so far,” he said. “I really wanted to make sure it gets the exposure it deserves. It has to be heard by everybody. After this album, I will dive full-throttle into movies for a while. I will ultimately take a break from music.”

We’re not entirely convinced either artist could pull of Jimi Hendrix, though we have a harder time imagining Derulo effortlessly disappearing into an iconic figure like Hendrix. (At least Andre kind of looks the part.) But remember when there were like five different Janis Joplin biopics in the works attached to any number of actresses, from Renee Zellweger to Zoey Deschanel, and none of them got made? Let’s not be shocked if that happens again with Jimi.

Watch the man in action below and tell us who would do Hendrix’s legacy justice.

  • Seven Benjamin

    Andre 3000 needs to stop and be a father to his son Seven Benjamin. I guess Seven is not good enough for Dre to move to Dallas and be a full time father to Seven. A full time father is what Seven actually needs in life. That’s why Seven makes gay gestures and feminine gestures because he has no consistent strong male figure in his life. Dre coming to Dallas every 3 months and having Seven during the summer and leaving Seven with his mom is not an ACTIVE father figure. An active father figure is there everyday, takes their kid to school, cooks for them, reads to them – doesn’t dump them on Erykah, Erykah’s assistants, and lovers. Maybe if Dre was in his son everyday his son wouldn’t have feminine tendencies!

  • caramellow

    I’d like to see Kid Cudi in the role. He has some acting down, and has the rock star vibe about him (and the drug use as well). He already kinda fashioned himself as Hendrix in one of his videos. I definitely think Andre 3000 could pull it off, but I think Cudi’s life might have more similarities to Hendrix’s.

  • Manamongst

    Man, why don’t you shut that wild-ass homo-phobic bull$^!+ up please… You sound like a fool that would try to pray out the gay of someone. You are an utter fool!!!

  • Howard Castle

    I really don’t know what would be worse. Derulo releasing another album or trying to act.

  • http://yahoo reba

    I think Kid Cudi would play Jimi much better, if you havent seen the music video for jis song Erase Me, do it. Now! He looks just like jimi!

  • Nick Angevine

    andre is a horrible actor leave jimi alone the movie will suck