Watch Lana Del Rey’s ‘SNL’ Performance

Lana Del Rey’s Saturday Night Live appearance has been pregnant with expectations almost since the day it was announced, with fans celebrating her warp-speed ascent and critics insisting the dusky, bloody beautiful pop sensation behind “Video Games” actually doesn’t deserve to take on one of music’s most prestigious stages so early in her career. (Sorry, The Jonathan Ross Show.) Did the Born To Die singer knock ‘em dead? See for yourself.

Lana Del Rey, “Video Games”

Lana Del Rey, “Blue Jeans”

Del Rey (currently outranking Madonna on the Idolator Hype Index) told MTV before the show that she felt fully deserving of the SNL spotlight:

“I definitely think it’s an honor. … I don’t think they’ve ever had anyone [perform] who didn’t even have a record out, so I do appreciate it… [But I got it] because I’m a good musician. And I may not have a record out now, but I have been singing for a very long time, and I think that ['SNL' creator] Lorne [Michaels] knows that, and everyone over there knows that. It’s not a fluke decision.”

We may have to wait for Born To Die (one of 2012′s most anticipated albums) to know for sure. But you can decide now if Del Rey’s SNL performance measured up to your own expectations, and tell us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments. (Videos via The Audio Perv.)

  • Joe Kidd

    There have been many much, much worse performances than this on SNL. That was two good songs and not done poorly at all. I admire Brian Williams, but music critic he is not. He should stick to the news.

  • Hillary

    I really don’t know why she was singing with that odd accent. Like an old Russian woman or something. Her voice keeps changing throughout a single song. I love Lana Del Rey but this wasn’t a good performance. Her Video Games performance on German TV was so much better.

  • It’s me

    Why do people talk so bad about this?
    I guess people are used to those same voices of ever, playbacks and fake… Well, this is an unusual way to sing and she does really well. LDR, why did you delete it from your youtube page?

  • Hannah

    I don’t understand why everyone is criticizing her. She did amazing! For those who continue to criticize her, they should really ask themselves if they would get up and preform as well as she did. Oh yeah last time I checked people aren’t prefect, and if you think you are, then you really need to get a reality check and stop judging people over the internet. I’d like to see you try and say those hurtful things to Lana’s face because I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t. Critics need to be CRITICIZE!

    • clems

      You’re right, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and everyone has off days. BUT criticism is what helps you better yourself and your craft, at least when it’s constructive (we can all agree that criticizing someones face is definitely not constructive). I love most of her songs, I think she’s a very talented and original singer, but I do think that this performance wasn’t very good. Whatever the reason was, wether it be nerves, or someone told her to sing that way, or she thought it would make her stand out (…), she forced her lower range on this one and it sounds very odd. I think the reason people reacted so strongly was that it was her first big mainstream performance. But since then she got the chance to prove people wrong and show how amazing she can sound live. Criticism, although hard to face, is necessary. Even from fans (or non fans) and critics who don’t even have her talent, because in the end those are the people who listen to her music. And without an audience, you can’t be an artist. I’m not saying artists should do what the public dictates, just accept that a certain type of criticism is actually helpful.

  • Gaby

    I don’t think it was bad, that’s her style and I love her for being different it was beautiful or me, I don’t get all the hate.