Golden Globe Awards: Madonna, ‘The Artist’ Take Music Prizes

Jan 15th, 2012 // 9 Comments

Madonna’s directorial effort W.E. lost out on the Best Original Score statue at the 69th Golden Globe Awards — that went to Ludovic Bource for The Artist — but earned a win for the Material Girl herself, for her soundtrack contribution “Masterpiece”. The song was co-written by Madonna, Jimmy Harry (Oh Land’s “Son Of A Gun”, Pink’s “Sober”) and Julie Frost (The Black Eyes Peas’ “Just Can’t Get Enough”).

Don’t look too happy for Madonna, Elton.

Madonna’s Golden Globe win capped off a week of high-profile appearances the singer/director made to promote W.E. Previously, her interview with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden was stretched across Nightline, Good Morning America and 20/20. Over in the UK, Madge’s more-lighthearted sitdown on The Graham Norton Show aired on Friday evening.

W.E. opens on February 3. Two days later, Madonna will perform for millions of Super Bowl viewers during the annual football game’s halftime.

Ahead of Madonna’s Golden Globe win this evening, she looked absolutely stunning, we must admit, on the red carpet. This marked the second time the 53-year-old entertainer has collected a Globe, following her Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy win for her featured role in 1996 movie-musical Evita.


  1. AP

    The co writers name is Julie Frost, not Jenny.

  2. Co-Writer Indeed

    I’d love to know how much “co-writing” Madge actually did on this and the majority of her oeuvre, but still, congrats, Vampyre!

    I’m sure aging queens around the world are setting themselves on fire to celebrate this most recent triumph of The Material Nation.

  3. Sean

    RE: Co-writer Indeed? Are you kidding? Madonna has co-written or written nearly every single one of her songs since the mid-80′s including some of her greatest work like Like a Prayer and Ray of Light. what else does she have to prove? I don’t understand people who hate on her songwritting ability b/c they don’t think pop stars have that talent. Madonna LEADS the pack when it comes to songwritting.

  4. Dennis Teel

    even though i’ve heard some of her recent music,i’d not seen any recent interviews with madonna and i’d hoped that she’d grown up and matured a bit..according to the speech she gave on stage (the” i kissed a girl” crap) i gather she’s still a potty mouth,immature whatever.i noticed at the time that nobody in the audience laughed in response. just goes to show ya!!

  5. George

    I think she was snide and rude, and thought she was back into her 30s. She has a chip on her shoulder, and after so many years a fan, I am dissapointed in seeing her last night, She has lost her edge. She should let go, Gaga in now here..

  6. GaGa is here now…what does that mean? Seriously…how can you even compare the two? Madonna is an original artist whose creativity has made her music timeless. GaGa still needs to find herself and stop trying so hard. No doubt she has an amazing voice but she is no Madonna.

  7. Evan

    @Robbie Daw – Evita is from 1996, not 2006. You’re a decade off.

  8. k.

    @KRshopes – george is one of Gagas minions. Trying to disguise as a former fan of Madonna.

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