Elton John At Golden Globes: “Madonna Hasn’t Got A F***ing Chance”

Jan 16th, 2012 // 5 Comments

How does that foot taste, Elton John? If you’ve been wondering why Sir Elt looked so sour-faced at the Golden Globe Awards when the camera panned to him during Madonna’s Best Original Song acceptance speech, one need only watch the following red carpet interview Carson Daly did with the rock legend. “Madonna hasn’t got a f***ing chance,” said John, who’s Gnomeo & Juliet offering “Hello Hello” was also nominated. Carson noted those were fighting words. “No,” said Elton. “They’re accurate words.” Oops! Watch below.

After Elton left, Madonna was then interviewed by Carson, who couldn’t help informing the Material Girl what John had said about her. “Oh, damn him!” she joked, while stomping her foot. “Those are fightin’ words… okay, well, may the best man win.”

Elton John disses Madonna on the Golden Globe Awards red carpet

What did you think of Elton’s comments on Madge? Was it all in jest, or were they mean-spirited barbs meant to keep their supposed long-standing feud going?

Either way, Madonna’s “Masterpiece” still won. Sorry, Elt.


  1. Welp, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong lol

  2. I heard Elton John say this last night when I flipping back and forth channels. What has gotten into him? He has had some very cruel, hurtful comments about various things over the past few years. He seems to of grown (more ways than one) very condescending, bitter, and obtained a “superior” attitude of sorts. “Sir” Elton John needs to get it into check, no way for a “Sir” to behave, and it’s really making me dislike his pompous attitude, and is surely hurting him in the long run.

  3. RJP3

    He was joking.
    And he never said HE would win – he predicted Mary J Blige would win.

  4. its obvious jealous NARCASIST desperate one these ignorant pigs dont know what they even talking about! him and that pierce Morgan he truly has the face only a mother can love! Isnt his show about to be canceled for very low ratings? And Isnt he about to do some well deserved time for that phone hacking scandal when he was in charge of news of the world?

    its funny how bitter some of these English teabags like himself are towards Madonna all of a sudden its like they all in cohoots. Like that ELTON john and is miserable wife! Who dare to say that bullcr*ap

    But if he won then only the awareds have merit? Talked about a DELUSINAL NARCASIST!

    And another thing BERNIE TAUPIN WRITES ALL ELTON songs as he has done for years including the song in mentioned that lost! And Madonna has always WROTE HER SONGs and produce or co write them she writes the lyrics and melodies and her co writers write the music so get ur facts right b4 u open ur mouth to say ignorant nonsense like that! And also Madonna never SLAM GAGA! SHE WAS GRACEFUL AND POLITE U might learn A THING OR 2 FROM HER! CUZ IT WAS TROLLS LIKE URSELF AND MEDIA FOLKS WHOS TRIED TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SHE SAID SOMETHING BAD WHEN SHE DIDNT! Its also very obvious that people like u are among the jealous desperate fools that have been trying to take Madonna down and trying to replace her. Thats why u happen to be best of friend with gaga all of a sudden out of nowhere! And if one investigates this they would see that all the fools that been slamming Madonna over
    the past few years happend to be really close to gaga! So ur not fooling anyone the truth is out there u pigs! Like many people mentioned ELTON started to get mad at Madonna when she surpassed him in success and became the most successful solo artist in the would which to correct a post mentioned earlier she did in like her 8 or 9 albums Around the time confession on a dance floor came out. And right after is when ELTON started bithcing about Madonna lol

  5. Can u believe the audacity and nerve of these creeps? Ya after all the negative things he said and the way he criticized Madonna now he dare tries to say that it was blown out of proportion? But the one thing that Madonna polity answered finally said after all this time when an interviewer asked her on the gaga issue wasnt blown out of proportion???
    well in ur own words FU*CK OFF!!!!!!!!

    u and the media trolls tried to make it looked like she slammed and criticized gaga when she did not!
    When u was the only one to criticized Madonna u hypocrite! Cuz Madonna has been nothing but nice and supportive and graceful. Unlike yourself or that bitter ELTON!
    What u and the media did to Madonnas comments is what u call blown out of proportion!! and it was what u call a desperate self gloating NARCASIST!

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