Santigold Is Clearly Not A Fan Of Lady Gaga Or Katy Perry

Santigold is offering a free download of her new single “Big Mouth”, off her upcoming album Master Of My Make-Believe, but it’s the video that you’ll really want to pay attention to. The vid (as well as the song itself) reminds us of M.I.A.’s /\/\/\Y/\ period, what with the similar tribal/synth sounds and crudely drawn DIY animations. Another characteristic she shares with M.I.A.? Blasting pop stars, as Santigold’s clip takes shots at both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Watch below.

A caricature of Gaga as a mermaid appears, and Katy Perry in her nude cloud pose is seen with a “blah blah blah” speech bubble (in addition to a “TGIF” reference). Santigold also appears to not care much for Lindsay Lohan, as the starlet is depicted topless with a cigarette in her hand. Watch out, Santigold, Lohan bites back!

Santigold – “Big Mouth”

What do you think of Santigold targeting Katy and Gaga? Is this just a way to get attention, or do these pop stars need to be knocked down a few pegs from time to time?

[Via Vulture]

  • Kirkdouglas

    I like Santigold and frankly don’t give a **ck who she’s talks smack about but this song/video has clearly been influenced by M.I.A.

  • Gabriel Aaron Campos

    These pop stars need to be knocked down… Aside from adele, all theses ladies (gaga, Katy, Rihanna, Taylor, and Nicki) are what’s wrong with the music industry

  • aseifu

    um shes just like MIA nothing original here oddly enough both MIA and Santigold hate gaga …
    and to Gabriel
    adele is overexposed and although her lyrics are good they arent anything ground breaking

    i am tired of adele fans always saying that everyone else is bad for the music industry

  • yasmin

    she shares my taste in music ,i don’t like gaga and perry

  • MrExample

    Good thing this one is free because nobody would pay for it

  • Drew Kolar

    Santi is completely right–all these starlets and skanky pop stars really need to be knocked down a bit. It’s just too much already… As for the similarity to M.I.A., well, they work with the same people–obviously there’s going to be a crossover. But if you listen to her music as a whole, you’ll see that there are so many other influences as well. She’s a chameleon.

    Oh, and I would totally pay for “Big Mouth” and plan on buying her album, Mr. Example, so looks like you’re wrong.