Beyonce At The Super Bowl: See Her Halftime Performance Photos

Feb 3rd, 2013 // 1 Comment
Bey's Halftime Show
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Beyonce brought her A-game to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, just as we expected she would. Armed with her all-female band, an enormous dance posse, pyrotechnics, high-tech video effects, sexy black knee-high stockings and, most importantly, hair flipping, Bey delivered an undeniably electrifying set. (Did you think it was a coincidence that the power went out in the Superdome?)

Sure, Queen B recycled some of her own choreography from her “Crazy In Love” music video and her “End Of Time” moves from her live 2011 performances — but we were too caught up in the spectacle to care. Mrs. Carter proved, once again, she is first an foremost a phenomenal performer, knowing exactly which camera to wink and blow kisses at at the exact moment, peering (almost creepily) into the souls of couch-bound Americans. 

Yes, the set list was a bit unexpected (“Baby Boy” over “Naughty Girl” or “Irreplaceable” or “Get Me Bodied”?), and the long awaited Destiny’s Child reunion lacked a certain something with the threesome performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” instead of their new track “Nuclear”. But, hey, at least Michelle Williams managed to remain standing for the entire performance — even when popping up onto the stage.

Share your own thoughts, feelings, shade and shine for Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show below. 


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