98 Degrees Announce New Album ‘2.0’

Following the example set by their buddies New Kids on the Block, and delivering on their promise from last summer, 98 Degrees are releasing a reunion/comeback album ahead of the much-hyped Package Tour (we still can’t get over that name). And like NKOTB with 10, the guys went with a numerical title: it’s called 2.0 and it’s the foursome’s first studio album since 2000’s Revelation. The record is set to drop May 7, a few weeks before the May 31 start of the Package Tour with New Kids and Boyz II Men.

“We are really excited to bring our fans new music and get out on the road,” lead 98-er Nick Lachey said. “This is a long time coming.” Ya know, people get all bent out of shape regarding our culture’s obsession with instant nostalgia, but if it has the ability to produce more stuff that will be played for stressful slow dances at prom, what’s the big deal?

Your move, Boyz II Men.

[via MTV]