Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ Movie Set For Christmas Release

Move over, Part Of Me 3D and This Is UsJustin Bieber is prepping the release of his upcoming documentary film Believe, and he’s scheduled the flick for Christmas Day, because what better gift is there than some extra Bieber in your life? Answer: There isn’t one. So put on Under the Mistletoe (and be sure to turn up that Busta Rhymes collab “Drummer Boy”) and get amped for his holiday-classic-to-be.

“I am so excited to be involved in this movie, and so happy to be able to give back to my fans, especially during the holiday season,” said the boy wonder in a statement. “[Director] Jon Chu and my team have done a wonderful job creating a special moment for Beliebers worldwide and I can’t wait till Christmas day when the movie will be in theaters everywhere.” (That sounds like how Justin Bieber talks, doesn’t it?)

The flick will include interviews with Bieber himself as well as manager Scooter Braun and luminaries like Usher and Ludacris, but probably no Selena Gomez, because — well, you know why.

Catch Believe in theaters December 25.

[via E! Online]