Kesha Is Reportedly Working With Zedd

Ke$ha/Kesha/Kesha Rose got out of rehab and immediately told fans she had started working on “tons of new music.” And according to Billboard Brazil, of all places, she’s logging time with EDM wiz kid Zedd, who of course had a massive hit with the Foxes-assisted “Clarity” and was responsible for production on three of Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP tracks including “Aura” and current single “G.U.Y.”

Kesha has been aiming to free herself from Dr. Luke‘s pop dictatorship, so this is a curious choice since the stuff Zedd churns out doesn’t sound all that different from Dr. Luke’s material. But hey, new Kesha music is in the works, and that is wonderful.

[via Pop Dust]

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  • GC

    I think Billboard Brazil picked up on a Twitter rumor that’s been going around. I doubt it’s true.

  • Tony Gordon

    No, the rumor started from this Brazil article, it is true. Also, Zedd and/or Kesha would have denied it by now.

  • Janelle Peters


  • Jess