Wayne Coyne Is Willing To Leak ‘Lip$ha,’ Kesha’s Collaborative LP With The Flaming Lips

Mike Wass | February 25, 2016 6:43 pm

Before Wayne Coyne became Miley Cyrus’ muse and musical collaborator, the Flaming Lips frontman struck a similar friendship with Kesha. She featured on the psychedelic outfit’s 2012 LP The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends and then joined them in the studio for a collaborative album called Lip$ha. Only it was nixed by Dr. Luke and, with the exception of a couple of leaks, never saw the light of day. However, that could change.

“I will see if Kesha will let us leak the Lip$ha stuff… fuck.. at least ONE song,” Wayne posted on Instagram late last night (February 24). “I jus don’t want her to have any MORE troubles because of it.” Of course, he’s referring to the “Tik Tok” chart-topper’s legal woes, which preclude her from releasing music outside the Sony/Kemosabe umbrella. Dropping the album for free (think Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz) could be a way around that.

The 55-year-old has been very open about blaming Dr. Luke for torpedoing Lip$ha in interviews. “The stuff that we did together was just spectacular, and it made us want to do more,” Wayne told Radio.com in October, 2014. “I think we did like four or five songs, and then Kesha would remind me, ‘Wayne, I can’t put this music out, Dr. Luke will kill me.’” That statement is chilling in the light of the subsequent allegations made against the producer.

“I don’t know Dr. Luke at all, but when we [Kesha and I] speak, I know there’s some anxiety about their relationship,” he continued. “I think she would like to have the freedom to do more things in that spirit. Where it’s not — again, I don’t know their situation — but where it’s not producers producing her. She could produce herself, that’s probably what she is wanting to happen with her own career.” See Wayne’s Instagram post below.

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