Elvana Turns To David Guetta & Poo Bear For “Forever Is Over”

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Albania pop queen Elvana Gjata brings out the big guns for her first English-language single. “Forever Is Over” was written by Poo Bear (Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” and “Company,” among other Purpose cuts) and produced by David Guetta. In other words, the exact same team that brought you “2U.” It’s no surprise then, that the diva’s moody banger sounds on-trend and expertly executed. “At the end of the story will you be ready to start part two?” she muses over guitar. “Look back on our journey to forget everything we’ve been through.”

That takes us to the soaring, synth-filled chorus and inevitable drop. “Elvana is undeniably one of the most talented and skilled artist that I’ve ever worked with in my career,” Poo Bear raves of their collaboration. “Her vocal control, soul and spirit combined make a voice that resonates through all frequencies.” It will be interesting to see if Elvana can make waves internationally. Fellow Albanian Era Istrefi pulled it off with “BonBon” and there’s no reason it can’t happen again. Watch the glamorous, big budget video up top.

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