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Marilyn Manson Comes Forward To Explain Controversial Lana Del Rey Video

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After the release of an unsettling video that featured Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Manson surfaced, neither musician chose to speak on it. But almost a month later, the metal singer is breaking his silence about the controversial clip. The main scene that had many people talking was where Del Rey appeared to be violently raped, and Manson is letting people know that it was not for one of his videos.

In an interview with NME, he states: “It wasn’t a Marilyn Manson video. The editor of the company that put it out was somebody who’s edited my videos, that video was something that was done with a camera that Eli [Roth], who’s my friend, and I both wanted to test out, so I let him test it out [...] what they filmed was put in context seemingly as if it were a Marilyn Manson video, and that was in no way the intention.” More »

Lana Del Rey And Marilyn Manson Star In Brutal, NSFW Unreleased Eli Roth Collaboration: Watch

Lana Del Rey Marilyn
A Little Too Ultraviolent

There’s usually a good reason why a scrapped video never sees the light of day.

In an interview on Larry King Now last year, horror director Eli Roth revealed that he’d filmed a visual featuring Ultraviolence Queen Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Manson. “The footage is so sick, it’s been locked in a vault for over a year,” he laughed. Today, the vault has been opened and…welp, he certainly wasn’t wrong.

The supremely unsettling footage features long takes of Manson at a very warped dinner/birthday party of sorts, complete with some fiery, lamp-breaking mayhem and a bloodied woman screaming underwater. Later on, Lana appears in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre tee, getting violently thrown onto a bed and being tearfully held down in what appears to be a terrifying moment of sexual assault.

It’s all very uncomfortable to watch, and it seems wise that the players in this mini-film, shot somewhere in between 2012 and last year, ultimately did nothing with the footage. Nevertheless, like most things, it has eventually made its way onto the Internet. Watch above if you dare, and let us know your thoughts on the scrapped collabo in the comments below. More »

George Michael Was Rushed To Hospital For An Unexplained Illness: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: George Michael was rushed to hospital last week due to an unexplained illness. His representative refuses to comment apart from saying that he was getting routine tests. Sounds a little fishy… but get well soon! []

:: This piece of casting is either inspired or a disaster waiting to happen. Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has been hired to play a white supremacist on hit TV show Sons Of Anarchy. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. [Spin]

:: Foxes knows how to promote an album. She’s opening for Pharrell on his UK tour and just signed on to appear in an episode of cult TV show Doctor Who. We don’t know the nature of her role yet but she gets to perform a song. [The Hollywood Reporter]

:: Nobody loves their fans more than Ricky Martin. The Latin heartthrob was taking a stroll through the streets of Milan, Italy recently and stopped to kiss a fan. She looked suitably stoked. [Just Jared]

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Avril Lavigne Teams Up With Marilyn Manson For “Bad Girl”: Listen To The Industrial-Pop Duet

You know a song is going to be seriously twisted when it begins with Marilyn Manson croaking: “Just lay your head in daddy’s lap!” Welcome to “Bad Girl” — Avril Lavigne‘s creepy yet undeniably catchy duet with the goth legend. Surprisingly, it’s also the best cut to surface from her forthcoming fifth studio album yet.

After covering old ground with still enjoyable singles “Here’s To Never Growing Up” and “Rock N Roll”, Avril finally leaves her comfort zone on “Bad Girl”. She dives headfirst into the industrial-pop soundscape, screaming smutty lyrics like “come get it now or never, I’ll let you do whatever” with a vengeance over crunching guitars and Marilyn’s murderous groans and growls.

It’s great to hear that pop’s original bad girl still nows how to push boundaries and rock the fuck out. Listen to the twisted duet after the jump. More »

Beyonce Gives The Gift Of Her Own Music For World Humanitarian Day: Morning Mix

Bey Was There!
Did You Hear?

:: Beyonce plans to celebrate World Humanitarian Day with the gift of song — her own song, of course. She performed 4 track “I Was Here” for the United Nations on Friday, to be released on the commemorative holiday itself, August 19. And don’t we all feel a little more compassionate toward our fellow man after hearing a Bey tune? [Rap-Up]

:: Apparently, one man isn’t enough for Miley Cyrus. The former tween TV star will guest on Two And A Half Men, playing love interest to teen character Jake as well as a lust object for Ashton Kutcher. So one guy gets Miley, one gets her country superstar alter ego… but wait! That still leaves half a man with zilch. [Huffington Post]

:: Which musician scrawled an expletive over their face to thwart the paparazzi? No, it wasn’t Carly Rae Jepsen, but rather Marilyn Manson, whose unconventional efforts to avoid attracting photographic attention have clearly not paid off. [ONTD]

:: We know you’re probably tired of various “Call Me Maybe” mashups and whatnot, but is that still true when it’s Khia‘s filthy “My Neck, My Back” over the sugar-sweet “Call Me Maybe” instrumentals in a version we like to call “Lick Me Maybe”? Didn’t think so. [Popdust]

:: Spotted: Gossip Girl star Penn Badgely, covering “Lilac Wine” in anticipation of his role starring as Jeff Buckley in the movie Greetings From Tim Buckley. We knew Leighton Meester could sing, but who knew Lonely Boy had such a set of pipes? xoxo, Idolator. [JustJared]

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Is Lana Del Rey Dating Marilyn Manson?: Morning Mix

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:: There are some probably-untrue rumors about Marilyn Manson dating Lana Del Rey. (Not that he hasn’t snagged a comely young lass before.) Well, if you thought a guy who played “Video Games” all day was bad, Lana, we can’t wait to hear what you have to complain about after this breakup. [Gawker]

:: In other probably-untrue “she’s too good for him” dating news, Rihanna was apparently spotted leaving Ashton Kutcher’s place in the middle of the night. We approve of this only slightly more than we approve of her getting back with Chris Brown. [PopCrush]

:: Tweeting at Deadmau5 may just make you a vocalist on one of his tracks. [Spinner]

:: Starships are meant to fly, but we’re not sure what these teddy bears are meant to do in Nicki Minaj’s Ustream session. [That Grape Juice]

:: Usher will play Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath in the upcoming biopic Hands of Stone. Wait, no — sorry, we misread that. Usher will play Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming biopic Hands of Stone. That’s much better. [Billboard]

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Johnny Depp And Marilyn Manson To Cover Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”

No, we are not getting a jump on April Fool’s Day. Yes, you read that headline right. According to MTV, Tim Burton’s muse and his river-crying buddy will be recording together, and not just on any old song — a cover of one of the greats, Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” It should maybe come as no surprise that a guy who played Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Ed Wood, the Mad Hatter, John Dillinger, and so on is, um, “eccentric” enough to be BFFs with the shock rocker, or that he’d want to appear on an album called Born Villains (seriously, check out his resume). Oh, and one last thing — that Carly Simon song? Totally written about us. [MTV]

Madonna Launching Truth Or Dare Lifestyle Brand: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Madonna is launching a “lifestyle brand” (think clothes, shoes, handbags and fragrances) called Truth Or Dare By Madonna. “Over the past several years, I have been approached countless times to create my own brand,” the pop star said, adding that “the timing is right.” Of course it is — she’s about to drop a new album. [Just Jared]

:: Is Demi Lovato dating Wilmer Valderrama? More importantly, Wilmer Valderrama is still around? [Neon Limelight]

:: Marilyn Manson had one ka-razy night in Las Vegas, which included singing Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” six times in a row. [Huffington Post]

:: Kanye West shares some nice words about his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose while performing live. Wiz Khalifa, pretend you didn’t hear any of this. [PopDust]

:: Glee’s “sexual-awakening” episode titled “First Time” is said to be hot and heavy. Get the exclusive details on what will be going down in next’s week raunchy new episode. [E! Online]

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The Morning Mix: Selena Gomez And Christina Aguilera Lead Alma Nominations

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:: Latina lovelies Selena Gomez and Christina Aguilera were honored with three nominations each at this year’s Alma Awards. Xtina even got a Best Actress nod for Burlesque! Miracles do happen. [Just Jared]

:: Skylar Grey has roped in the services of Marilyn Manson for a zombie-themed song on her debut album, Invisible. [Pop Dust]

:: Independent record stores are up in arms about Kanye West and Jay-Z releasing the deluxe edition of Watch The Throne exclusively in Best Buy stores. [Entertainment Weekly]

:: Miguel’s “Quickie” video contains vampires and cigarette butts. We hope it was good for you as it was for us.  [Soul Bounce]

:: Ciara performs a Michael Jackson medley in Africa. [Rap-Up]

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The Morning Mix: The Jonas Women Join The Brothers On Tour

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:: The Jonas Brothers are taking their women on tour—Kevin’s wife Danielle will be joining the boys, as will Joe’s girlfriend Demi Lovato, who coincidentally happens to be their opening act. You know what that means—all the groupies go to Nick. [PopEater]

:: Why yes, that is Pharrell wearing jean shorts at Cannes Film Festival. Pharrell, pants. Pants, Pharrell. I see you haven’t met yet. [Rap-Up]

:: WTF couple Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood will reportedly star in a movie together called Splatter Sisters, described as being “the first in a planned franchise and is a sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher-road-movie circa 1989.” We’re pretty sure “first” is a relative term, since they probably won’t make a sequel to a movie no one will go see. [Just Jared]

:: Not everyone shares our enthusiasm over news that Mary J. Blige has been cast to play the iconic Nina Simone. But we still have faith in our MJB’s big-screen career! [Soul Bounce]

:: Check out this list of the 50 greatest hip-hop samples of all time. Warning: reading this is going to compel you to spend a LOT of money on James Brown albums. [Complex]
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